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Post Nephrectomy Gas Pains - Any Personal Experience/Suggestions?

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My mother (a very healthy and active 69 yr. old) was recently diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer, Grade T3A. She had a 10 cm tumor in her kidney and metastasis to her lungs, thyroid, and trachea.

She recently had her main tumor removed along with her right kidney. In good time too, it seems, since the tumor had grown 12 cm more over the course of a month.

2 weeks after surgery, she is still experiencing pain from the surgery, which is to be expected. However, her greatest issue is constant gas pains along with bouts of constipation and diarrhea. She has taken meds. intermittently for both the later issues, but the gas pains are really overbearing for her.

Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it take to work it out of your system and what suggestions might you have for addressing the issue? TIA

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I had terrible gas pains and didn't find anything that helped a lot (Gas-x etc.) but the best thing I found was eating very small portions more often. I mean a few bites here and there the first few weeks - anything more than that and it hurt terribly.

Constipation is normal after surgery and often is caused by pain meds. It took me about three months to get my digestive system back to "normal". I would talk to her doctor to see what other suggestions they have to help balance out her system and ease the pains.


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Thanks for responding, Rae. I'll try small portions throughout the day with her tomorrow. She's seeing the surgeon on Wed. to have the staples taken out, so I'm sure she'll ask about the issue then as well.

It's been frustrating for her, because she doesn't want to take the pain meds for fear of constipation, but has a loss of appetite in part because she has anxiety over the gas it may cause. . . a vicious circle really. I'm hoping when she starts moving around more that will help too. She has been open to taking very short walks with me a couple of times a day. When the staples come out, maybe that will help too.

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I am 68 years old and had my right kidney removed for a 7 cm tumor on July 25th. I have been having pains from gas too and have been constipated. I will try eating smaller amounts. It's very difficult because I am alone although friends will shop for me. I went to the grocery store a few days ago was was terribly exhausted afterwards.

Yesterday I couldn't sit because of the pain. I have thought it was gas and constipation, but a friend whom I talked with last night suggested it was surgical pain and that I take pain meds which I have avoided because of the constipation which will follow.

My question is: Does anyone have surgical pain at 3 weeks? My surgery was laparoscopic and a 4" cut over my hysterectomy scar (very low on my abdomen.)

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Minnesota Girl
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I am almost 6 weeks out from lap surgery and still have a very tender tummy. I have a 6 inch incision vertically through my belly button. While it looks healed, I can't wear anything with a waistband. :) I think it just takes time. Getting dressed to go back to work might be VERY interesting.

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Hi flowergirl22

I don't remember having gas pains, but it took me almost a year before I
stopped having pains in the incision area and my back. I'm thinking that is
what it is. DO NOT eat too much at one time. That caused me a lot of pain. In general, Senna(for constipation) works well for me, it's more natural and not as harsh on your body. I wish that I lived close to you, I would shop for you.:) There was no way I could've shopped 3 weeks post surgery.
Take Care

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It looks like gas pain is very common after this kind of procedure. Work with the doctors and nurses and don't be shy about asking for pain meds. They know the drill.

All the Best to You and Yours.

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