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Ulcers around stoma

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Can anyone tell me how to clear up ulcers around a stoma? I'm starting chemo in 3 days and worried they won't heal. Many thanks!

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I see this is your frst post. Welcome to our extended family.

Does your local hospital have an ostomy nurse? If so it would be a good idea to see him/her not only to look at the stoma and recommend what to do for the ulcers, but also to help you determine the cause.

If you don't have an ostomy nurse availble, then call your surgeon to discuss the issue.

While I have a stoma, I have not had what I would call 'ulcers'. Some times the skin does get irritated with small bumps which may open and bleed slightly, but nothing very drastic. When I change the appliance, I use an adhesive remover, followed by washing the area with an antibacterial soap using a soft paper towel, followed by a good rinse off with a wet paper towel, followed by a good drying. After all that I apply Karaya Powder. This can be applied on what they refer to as eroded or weeping skin with no problem.

Best course is to contact someone on your medical team to make sure you get the right treatment and advice on how to prevent a recurrance.

Best wishes,

Marie who loves kitties

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It sounds like you need help quick.

Here's a few things to do:

1. Make sure the hole in the appliance is cut as close to the stoma as possible.
No skin should show around the base of the stoma with the wafer/appliance on.

2. Use only hot water to wash the peristomal area. Do -not- use any soap
on the peristomal area. Dry the area with paper towels; anything else can
contain ingredients that will deteriorate the integrity of the adhesive.

3. Do -not- use adhesive removers on the peristomal area. They all contain
oil derivatives and penetrate the skin, interfering with the integrity of the adhesive.
The by-products of adhesive removers are near impossible to remove.

4. For sores, ulcers, etc on the peristomal area, use Convetec Stomahesive
powder, and use it -alone-. Do not put any other topical dressing under it,
or over it. It is formulated to work best by itself. It will "crust" up on
damp surfaces by itself, and provide "breathing room" under the appliance.
It can heal a sore overnight, in most cases! But... it -must- be used without
any other topical dressing.

5. If your stoma does not extend between 3/4 to 1" beyond the surface of
your skin, you may need to switch to a convex appliance. Likewise, if
the stoma is on a hernia, or the peristomal area is not level, or creased,
you may need a convex appliance.

That's a start..... But for quick healing, get some Convetec Stomahesive
Powder, and dab it on the sore areas, dusting the excess off prior to
putting the appliance on. And again, use it alone, without any other
topical dressing.

If there's anything else, just give a yell... We're all out here to help!

Best of health!


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Thank you so much, I really appreciate the help!

It's another day in paradise!

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