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AML treatment 3 vs. 4 rounds of consol.

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I was diagnosed with AML M5 in April. I did the induction round and spent 24 days in the hospital. Came home went back in 3 weeks later for round 1 of consolidation, had fevers went back in for 6 days, home for 6 then back in for round 2. It took 6 weeks for my counts to stabilize after round 2 and I needed blood transfusions. My platelets would barely come up and my wbc's did normalize and then went down. I just finished round 3 as an out-patient. Lots of traveling back and forth but nice to be home.

I am 38 and female, my second bone marrow pull was clean and clear. I am debating if the 4th round is needed. Many sites debate the 3 to 4 rounds.

Looking for honest opinions here. I really want to get back to work and feel productive again.

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Hi, My wife was diagnosed with AML M5 last Nov 2010. She just finished her 3rd consolidation recently ands we are waiting for counts to rise. We are also and we were weighing if she should have one more consolidation but Dr says he doesn't think so because her counts came up very slow after each consolidation. She is older than you. He said we have to be very careful about the marrow. I guess it looks like she only will get 3 rounds only. I know what you are going through. My wife & I go get her counts checked every day except Sat & Sun after each round. It's a tough thing. Hang in there. If you want to write back and talk, please feel free to write back. By the way, you did a consolidation as an outpatient? My wife had to go into the hospital for 6-7 days each round of hers. They would give her chemo every other day. In fact the last one we had to wait to get the 3rd consolidation because of the shortage of ARA-C. Scary stuff. The hospital finally got it and she went in and did the 3rd one on July 29th.

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I meet with my onc. tomorrow to fully discuss what will happen next. It has taken much longer each time for my counts to come up. And this last time I needed more blood transfusions than ever before.

My last round as an out-patient was a pilot for the cancer center where I am. I live close to the hospital (less than 10 mins.) and less than 20 from the cancer center. It was a pain, but very nice to be home in my own bed and spend time with my husband and son. Monday, Wednesday & Friday were treatment days. I would go in those mornings for 3 hours of chemo, then home to rest and then to the hospital at night from 9- midnight then home. On the off days I had to go for bloodwork. Yes it was a bit hectic with running back and forth, but easier on me and my family.

Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in taking so long for counts to come up. I can tell when they are "normal" as my energy level is much better.

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