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Increased uptake on Rib. - Anyone have this before?

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Does anyone know what this means?

I had a bone scan last week for pain in my hip that has not gone away one day since it started in January, 2011. When the results came back I did not have any problems that they can see on my hip or femur. But, they found there to be increased uptake on the rib close to where my cancer was. I am also having a burning sensation in the same area on the rib. ( My cancer burned also)

I also had a lung x-ray that showed interstitual changes but no mass. I also have shortness of breath when I move around.

I am scared!!!! I just finished chemo (2 rounds, FAC and Taxol, 7 months) on April 15, 2011.

I have faxed my report to my oncologist last Monday. ( I live 140 miles away) Have not heard back yet.

I didn't have radiation, only FAC X 4, and Taxol X 12.

This is not an old injury. I had a bone scan in Sept. 10 and there was no sign of this uptake in my rib. It only showed arthritis in my foot.

I know that it shows three things, infection, arthritis and cancer. I can't see any reason I would have an infection or arthritis in the center of my chest.

I am just so scared that it is cancer!!!

Just wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing?

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Check out the post "l who has breast cancer that spread to the lung ?" by Jaya1. I responded to your question there. I'll bump it up for you. Hope it helps.

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Upon searching the site for hip pain I come across your post. I was wondering what you found out? I just had a bone scan done today due to all over joint pain with severe pain in my right hip and knee. The scan has said that the 7th rib has a healing fracture or also a possible neoplastic process that cannot be ruled out.

Thank you in advance for sharing your story with me.

Jamie Montgomery
Evansville, IN

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