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Diet, Vitamins & Exercise for Prostate Cancer

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I know diet, vitamins and exercise have been a topic of several threads on this forum.

Here's a link to a pamphlet that was posted on another forum. I feel it pretty much summarizes what people have stated on this forum.

Thought it might be of interest/help to some of the newer folks.


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This is from PCRI where the leading experts in PCa Dr. Mark Scholz and Dr. Stephen Strum had their base since 1990th. They publish a journal named PCRI-Insights with loads of information on almost all aspects of prostate cancer care.
The reference in the pamphlet lists famous researchers in the field of diet and supplements.

I found this link from a discussion on pomegranate juice on the UCLA study which has been criticized due to lack (????) of placebos for comparison. It may be of interest to those who are taking the “staff”. “Meet The Professors”;


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