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managing lung cancer cough

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My mom's late stage ovarian cancer has spread to her lungs, and her occasional coughing spells are getting worse and more frequent. Besides codeine cough syrup, do any of you know of other ways to manage the cough? I did some research that suggested inhaling steam, but wondered if anyone tried it.

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my husband had lung cancer and we impressed his oncologist by using an old fashioned steamer/vaporiser (without the eucalyptus addition in the cup- just plain water)-at night. I would set it on the highest setting for about 20 minutes as he was settling down for sleep and then go to the lower setting overnight.The biggest thing to remember is the habit of keeping the door closed! :-)

We could all see the difference in his rest when occasionally I would forget to switch it on. As a result of this for my husband, I can only speak for him, he did not have or need any lung or breathing treatments at all in the home.

I do need to add the rider of course-make sure to follow the instructions and make sure it is properly rinsed out with white vinegar to get rid of any germ build up, treating it like any other piece of medical equipment.

Good luck and let me know how it goes for you


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Our Hospice Nurse told me that Cool air is easiest to breathe...not sure how accurate it is regarding Lung Cancer/Lung Mets but it's cheap and worth trying.

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