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82 yr old mother with nsclc mets to liver and adrenal glands also arotic anyhersyn

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My mother was diagnosed in March with lung cancer. Her onocolgist has given her 6 months to a year. She has taken 3 chemo treatments. She is so weak she cannot go to the mailbox on a lot of days. She takes several naps a day. The onocolgist wants to give her 3 more treatments but he has given her 2 extra weeks off to get her strength back. He advised walking is the only thing that will give her strength. My mother mowed her yard up until she got sick. She has always had a garden till she got sick. I know she would do more walking if she could.

We talked to her gp and he advised against her walking because she is so weak. He told her eat anything you want and do what you can.

I am a little confused the gp does have access to her records. He referred her to the onocolgist. Who do we listen to? She has a lot of panic attacks because I think she is trying to cope with all of this the best she can. She does take lorazpam for the attacks.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You know, I would go with what your gp says. He probably knows her best. I personally think she should be allowed to do exactly what she pleases. If it is the chemo that is making her so weak, why do it. I think anything that will give her peace is important and anything that causes panic attacks is not. All the best to you both. Diane

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It pains me to disagree with lekkerone, as I agree with so many of her other posts - it sounds to me like her GP has pretty much given up on treatment for your mom (What treatment is she getting, by the way?) The oncologist usually would be the person to rely on for her cancer questions. I do understand the problem, though - with a pulmonologist, oncologist, thoracic doc and GP as I have, it's sometimes hard to know whose advice to take! I also have panic attacks during which I pace around like a chicken looking for it's head (I take a generic Xanax that allows me to use it when needed, and only however much I need).

The chemo may be making your mom weak, which it tends to do, but it may also be making her better. I do agree that she should eat whatever she wants when she wants. I suggest that she stick with the oncologist's advice...

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Hey Deb, no problem. Not agreeing can give the original poster different points of view and that, in my opinon, is always a good thing.

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