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Two years post Davinci

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Tomorrow 8/13 marks my 2nd anniversary of My Davinci procedure for prostate cancer. Just thought I would mention a few things for the new posters on the forum.

I was 54 when diagnosed and when I had my surgery. My PSA was 5.3 and had a Gleason 7 (4+3) Biopsy. There was carcinoma found in 5 of the 12 cores taken at Biopsy. The right side of the prostate had a 70% involvment in the cores. There were no nodules felt on exam.

After much education and searching I chose to have the Davinci procedure at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tn by Dr. Smith. This hospital was about 170 miles one way from where I live. I chose Dr. Smith due to his experience level with Prostate Cancer and the Davinci robot.

Following surgery the pathology showed overall Gleason pattern of 7 (3+4) with focal Pattern 5.
20% of the prostate was found to contain cancer cells. Graded as PT2c. Also of note was a Positive margin in the right Side.

Post follow up testing has been PSA testing every 3 months, graduation to every 6 months and my next PSA test will be in Oct. 2011. At that point the Doctor may graduate me to once a year since my PSA has been undetectable and assuming that this next test will still be undetectable.

For anyone considering surgery or other treatments there are the factors to consider of urinary control and ED issues and other side effects. Each individual is different. I've had excellent success on both urinary control and on the ED Front.

When I was faced with decisions two years ago I had much fear and uncertainty. For the new member on the forum just remember that each case is unique, ask questions, educate yourself and make the best decision that you can. Also seek the support from others on the forum including prayer if you are a religious person. What one person decides for treatment may or may not be the best treatment for you.

Also once you are on the 'other side' and a member of the cancer survivor club remember to give support to other men and their families that will be faced with fighting prostate cancer.

Larry (lewvino)

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You are a genuine benefactor on this site. You came on not long after me & have been a regular with support, information, advice & friendship. I know there are others who share my appreciation of your efforts.

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Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary from Davinci. I wish that those successful results of yours keep coming as time goes by.


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Happy Anniversary!

Best wishes for a life of zeros.

And, thanks for two years of Good Advice.

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The information you provided will surely help those individuals seeking advice. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I am about 5 months behind you with similar but not exactly the same pathology. Keep those undetectables coming !!!

PawPaw J
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Congrats on the 2 years.Hope I can do the same in 2 years. I think it is a great idea of updating and reposting the history of yalls "old timers" journeys to let others know the stage of your pca when you started. Sometimes even reading the post all the time I cant figure out how each person reached their choice of tx and how they are doing. This site was a huge asset to me when I found it and giving histories and results really helps in the decision making. I had my open rp 13 days ago and will post my full story in a week or so. I just got my cath out today and will wait to see if things change. I, at this point am very surprised to see that from the minute the cath was pulled out I have not had any leakage even with slight stress instances and have been able to go when needed, though Iam experiencing slight stinging and slight blood upon starting the flow. Thank you all for making all the "newbies" feel a part of this group. Will post update soon. Johnny

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PawPaw J,
That slight stinging is normal. IT will go away in time. If the blood keeps up make sure and mention to your doctor!


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Met with Dr. Smith at Vandy yesterday. Had a good meeting and was favorably impressed.

I've already met with an Open surgeon as well as a Radiation Oncologist.

Now the hard part... making the decision

I'm stage T1c.

Thanks for the update.


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