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3 Years

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August 12 will be 3 years since my surgery. I was T3N1M0 and now 100% back to normal. I function as a firefighter, long distance hiker and biker as good or better than before my cancer.

I have been blessed for 3 years and this is to let everyone know that there is a normal after this event. No more dumping and can eat 2 full plates if I want.

God Bless

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Thank-you for the uplifting post! Congratulations to you AND YOUR FAMILY (they must be thrilled!) on your success so far and here's hoping you have lots of company in the near future! Your post could not have come at a better time for alot of us on this site!

DX 5/9

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It's great to read the success stories. My surgery was three years this past May and life is almost normal. I still have problems with dumping, but not as bad. I can eat very well except slower, smaller bites because I still have problems with my food sticking even after another dilation. But I am feeling great!

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So pleased for you, that's just the kind of progress I love to read about. My husband, Alan, aged 68 was dx 2009 T3N1M0 and having read the internet at that time felt we hadn't got a future. Your story is so inspiring and must really give hope and encouragement to people like myself and for those starting their journey back to health. Good luck to one and all.

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Joel C
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Happy three year anniversary! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to read a post like this. As Annalan mentioned when people are first diagnosed the grim news is pretty overwhelming and to see how well you are doing is truly an inspiration. Next week I’ll be nine months out from my MIE (T2N1M0) and like you I’m doing whatever I want. I would say I’m closing in on being at the level I was pre-diagnoses. Keep blazing the way and others will follow.
Best regards,

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Congratulations!! Thank you for posting. May you continue to blessed with good health.

Janet Runge
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So nice to hear. My husband Charlie is now almost 3 months out of surgery and struggling with eating issues and weight loss. But the good news is he is finally back to walking with me at night and doing some weight lifing and feeling better daily. He still has one more 6hour chemo( adjunct) and then we can really start the recovery.

thanks again for encouragement

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I love to read posts like yours! It is nice to know you are doing so great! Probably the majority of people here are not as far out as you are and are just beginning treatment, waiting for surgery, or have had surgery more recently than you. My husband is 1 year out from surgery and just had a "NED" scan. We are thankful for the encouraging words a celebrate the success of your treatment and surgery with you! Linda

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Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary and thanks for the encouragement that you offer by sharing your story. I am T3N0M0, finished with radiation and chemo and have my followup CT and appointment with the surgeon next week. It's always a blessing to hear of a success story that shows that "the beast" can be beaten into submission. God Bless.

Michael Daniels (T3N0M0)
Brandon, FL

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So glad to hear that you have done so well. Its great to hear the positive energy coming from your post...gives me hope!!!

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Skyhawk, thank you so much for sharing your success. I just read your post to my husband and he was so happy to hear that. He is 7 months out from his MIE, diagnosed Sept 6, 2010 as a T3N1MO.


Jim T3N1MO
MIE Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, Oregon
January 1, 2011

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So happy to hear of your wonderful success! I wish more of these posts would make it to the internet searches!
wife of Rickie dx Stage IV EC Oct. 2010

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I wanted to share with you how much your story touched me. When I was first diagnosed back in February, everything I read and saw said certain death. I kept looking for some glimmer of hope and stumbled across your story. I will never forget that moment. Here was someone with the same diagnosis as me who made it. Well, I'm a tough guy but I'm not ashamed to admit, I broke into tears. From your story, I went on to discover Mr. Marshall. Together, that gave me the will to fight with a renewed hope. Today, I am 6 weeks out from the MIE, doing very well.

Congratulations and thank you so much!

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