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Wow! . . . . possible exciting cancer breakthrough!!

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Wow!!!! . . . . . I am quite excited! - but trying to remain calm. I have just been watching the National on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corpporation) and there was a piece on a possible new cancer treatment breakthrough. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania treated 3 leukemia patients with an injection of modified white blood cells - two of them became cancer free and the third's tumours shrunk by 70%. Now, it is true that there were only three patients in the study - but think of the possibilities. Larger scale trials are next. Where can I sign up???
Makes me feel a little better about going to see me onc tomorrow to get the results of last week's CT scan.
Let's all take a moment this week to pause and think of the scientists who have and are working so hard to rid our world of this horror of a disease. They are indeed incredibly special people.

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Brings a tear to my eyes just thinking about a possible cure.

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here's hoping it works, until then lets keep walking.


ps take a look at my walking post if your stage 1-3 and want 53% improvement in survival

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Im thinking that they said it might be 2 years in the making...but gosh, think of the possibilities in this.....so many would never have to suffer.........I heard the same thing on CNN today as well.............buzz

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This could be a great thing, but remember that leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells, so this treatment would probably function very differently for solid tumors.

Still, something to keep an eye on.

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Indeed, I'm happy for the other cancer patients this will help. Accordingly, they have 4 different cancers that they are researching for this type of therapy. Unfortunately, colon cancer isn't one of those.
But on the other hand, how exciting for the pancreatic cancer patients, they are expecting to test this therapy on them in a couple of years!!
Winter Marie

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I spent part of the day at Penn on Tuesday last week and there was a LOT of activity going on. The Abramson Center has a central area that is essentially a huge glass box and you can see all the floors. The next floor down had a conference room and there was a full film crew and a bunch of doctors in it. There were also a lot of security guards around which seemed odd to me.

I asked my onc in passing what was up and she gave me a huge grin and said "watch the news". I guess she couldn't help herself, because she added "it's big".

The cancer genetics programs at Penn almost were shut down a number of years back. There was a clinical trial that a young man died in (it seems like Penn cut corners in admitting him to the study). It was a big story around here.

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I was treated at Penn before moving to FL. They are amazing. I am so proud of them cause they work so hard to treat everyone individually. hoorah!!

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