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oncologist referral near Raleigh NC?

BG Member Posts: 85
Can anyone let me know if they are aware of a good oncologist specializing in RCC, I had Chromophobe I think (pathology report was not conclusive) near Raleigh NC?

I searched Duke Cancer Center and found Dr Thomas Polascik, anyone have feedback on him?

Thanks in advance,



  • pepper43
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    My advice

    I've been to both Duke and UNC doctors over the course of a year for 2 cancers and I think there's definitely a big difference in warmth/patient compassion with UNC than there is with Duke. I'd check Rex/UNC doctors. My oncologist, whom I adore, is Amanda Sherrod - though I don't think she specializes in RCC- I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and they found a 6 cm mass in my kidney during post-diagnosis PET scan that turned out to be chromophobe RCC (confirmed in pathology after full robotic nephrectomy). My urologist, Dr. Jalkut, performed surgery- you may want to give his office a call and maybe they would know which oncologists specialize in RCC or just call UNC/Rex Cancer Center. 


  • Darron
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    Raleigh Doctors

    I live in Charlotte and see Dr. Asim Amin at Levine Cancer Institute. When I was 1st diagnosed, I also saw Dr. George at Duke for a 2nd opinion. Per Dr. Amin, he is excellent, but not worth the drive for me.