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Clear Scan and Bloodwork?????

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History: I had/have papillary thyroid cancer. It had moved into my lymph nodes but only right around the thyroid bed. I had a total thyroidectomy last July (2010) and then the RAI first part of September (2010).

Present: I just had my first follow-up scan. I was on the LID, had my thyrogen injections, and then my scan and blood tests. The scan came back showing no sign of any RAI uptake which is good news but I know it is not the whole equation. My pre-scan Tg level was .1ng/mL and my Tab was 0. My blood test taken during thyrogen stimulation came back with a Tg level of "less than .2ng/mL." My doctor says as far as he is concerned that is considered a clean/clear test. He said the threshold for worry would be any Tg levels above 2ng/mL with him getting serious with levels over 5-10ng/mL. It seems to me that any level of Tg should be reason for alarm.

What do you guys and gals think? Should I have any reason for alarm?

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It is definatly something I would watch in future blood tests

the doctor gave you his concern levels (2ng/mL and 5-10ng/mL) so you know what the doctors consider out side of normal.

when the test came back as (less than .2ng/mL) are you sure thats not the same as (.1ng/mL) just a diffrent accuracy of the test.

I have had alot of tests that sometimes come back as a real small number and other times come back as a less than number but i was told they could be identical just the sensitivity or the amount of extra work the lab tech did to get the result.

on my lab works the TG normalys comes back as < 0.10 ng/mL but some times comes back as 0.02ng/ml it all depends on who dose the test and if they do a 2nd test once they get to the less than number cutoff or if thye just put less than.

so WATCH it and monitor all of your levels to see if anything else starts to go strange.

if you get to .3ng/mL I would definatly start pushing for some more info but they may not be able to find it easly unless its LARGER than 2ng/mL or such and that might be why the doc is not concerned with very small amount cause they cant find something that small with the tests they are willing to preform.

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I don't know if this applies to this kind of lab work or not. For many blood tests, the doctors look to see if there is any change. A high base line is not viewed as a sign of trouble, but increasing levels over time is troublesome. Prostate screening works like this as does Lyme disease screening. I realize that levels over a certain value for Tg are a problem, but smaller levels could go by this rule. I will try to remember to ask my endo about this the next time I see him early next year.


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My doc had told me that sometimes the Tg levels are slightly elevated after RAI, and that this is not a cause for concern. The cause for concern would be if they remained elevated afterward. Not sure if this applies to you, but it might give you peace of mind *(or more questions to ask!). Take care!

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