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I am a 9 months post tx for stage 3 anal canal cancer survivor and have recently developed lymph problems Nodes were involved in my groin area). Does anyone have any info on this. My Dr. said it can last for years. I have a thickening of the skin on my abdomen (Dr. called it orange peel), and lots of bumps on my pubic area. I also have a lot of swelling in my calves.

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Hi BeaRose,

I had moderate swelling in the abdomen and substantial swelling in both ankles. It started about four weeks into treatment and lasted I think about 6 months. My doctor put me on two diuretics, Lasix and Aldactone. I was only on the Aldactone for a week but I stayed on the Lasix for several months. I had some intervening issues during this time, so I'm not sure whether it was the diuretics, time, or other treatments associated with the 'intervening issues' that got rid of the swelling.

I remember I had different kinds of bumps and odd things going on for about a year after treatment. They never amounted to anything - my doctors told me to expect weird things. I made sure to tell them about everything though, just in case.

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