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FYI, Cartoid Stenosis treatment study

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I know some forumn members have had cartoid cancer. If you suffer from narrowing of the cartoid arteries this may help you. Listed in the Fall issue of Rush Medical Center, www.rush.educlinicaltrials.
Contact person Sherry Nelson 312-942-8144

18--80 y/o
Have artherosclertic extracranial internal cartoid stenosis
and, not currently experiencing symptoms

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I don’t have the Carotid cancer but I do have the Carotid sinus damage left over from C treatment, just trying to live with the problems.


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Hello everyone
i haven't been on site for a long time because everything was going Sooo well.... Wake up time... Who knew that in 8 years after being radiated that I would have 80% Cartoid artery stenosis! Everyone! But they forgot to tell me. Didn't realize that 70% of head and neck patients experience this around year 8! Da! I need to find the #1 Neurovascular surgeon to do the surgery . I will fly anywhere to find "the best"! Any suggestions? Please help!

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What symptoms did you have before being diagnosed with cartoid artery stenosis?

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Not Carotid cancer, but I too have to be monitored because of where they focused so much with radiation.  Does it really take 8 years to show up?

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