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waiting for biopsy results

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I am touched by each of your posts. I am almost 2 yrs postmen w/ abdominal pain, uterine abnormal growth thought to be fibroid but until recent 2nd episode of postmen bleeding not further investigated. Basically I am traumatized from an unreal biopsy experiance and scared to death waiting for results. My gyn normally no bedside manor deveolped one during and after my biopsy which is a rather abrupt alarming change. I think surely this can't be happening to me. It feels so sureal. I am this young strong fearless woman. I've raised two children now grown alone w/ 2 left at home. My foster son lost his lifelong fostermother to cancer a little over a year ago. I feel guilty for coming into this trusted space where each of you is past the maybe its really not stage and yet I cannot talk o those that love me or worry them.

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Sending thoughts and prayers your way...

Please do not feel guilty for where you are in your journey and where others may be in theirs.

We all had our "first day" here and know that lost feeling while you navigate around the diagnosis and treatments...

So sorry your biopsy experience was so traumatizing....it should not have to be that way.

Please feel free to reach out to the Ladies in this group for support, information and lots of perspective.

You are not alone...


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Hugs to you!! I agree with Laurie - no need to feel guilty but all feelings are OK - they are yours. It's OK to talk about anything here.

We are here for you. One explanation for your doc's unusual demeanor - Maybe he is turning over a new leaf!! It's hard not to worry - the unknown makes me fearful too. I pray for uneventful news.

Blessings to you. Mary Ann

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I agree with Laurie - don't apologise for anything - we all started our cancer journey somewhere and most of us were alone with it until we found like minded ladies on this site.
We're here for you whenever you want to "talk" to us or ask us anything - there is bound to be someone here who knows the answer to whatever questions you have.
Kindest wishes

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Just imagine that we are there sitting and waiting with you for the results. You are not alone, dear. We have all been through it. Please let us know how you are doing and the results. Here for you.

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