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A year ago....

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I realized today that about a year ago was when I decided to try and find out why my voice was changing and I was having trouble swallowing.
My primary care doc missed it over and over again.
The best advice I can give anyone new to the site is to listen to your body and if you aren't feeling better, get another opinion. Still no better; go to another doctor.
I finally got to my ENT on the 3rd of Sept. and he put his finger way down my throat and discovered my stage 4 mass on my tongue!
I feel so good now and my after effects are so minimal....I am a lucky woman. If I think about it really hard I can remember with my heart beating harder those first weeks of terror.
Make a plan, get all your ducks in a row and surround yourself with loving friends and family and learn all you can to fight the beast.
Nancy aka toughcookie

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Good post I agree we need all the support and help of friends we can get when fighting this thing.


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