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High Chromogranin A (ECL) Blood Test

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I had a blood test and it is called Chromogranin A (ECL) test. The results is 433 according to my primary care doctor she said it is elevated. I have an appointment coming up for to see a gastroenerologist but not for two weeks to explain what it is. Can anyone tell me what it could be? I check the internet and I just want in understandable terms what I have to worry about. Could this be cancer????? Tumors??????

Thank You

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Chromagranin A is not necessarily a specific marker, but it is often elevated in carcinoid cancer. Carcinoid cancer tends to be a relatively slow growing cancer. I was diagnosed in 2006 with a tumor at the terminal ileum (where the the colon and small intestine meet). I'm still doing well, but I do have metastatic disease - it had already spread to my liver, although it was not known definitively until last summer (2010). Best wishes as you have your appointment with the GI doc. Just so you are aware, this cancer is often thought to be "benign" and few docs really take it seriously. Check out www.carcinoid.org, which has a list of specialists. Depending on what your GI doc says, I HIGHLY recommend finding a specialist on the website and seeking his/her opinion. Feel free to contact me via e-mail (sklise@bresnan.net). Don't panic - folks live for 20+ years with this if treated by the appropriate docs.

Eileen Burns
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i had surgery Sept 28th.

just had my 1st 6 month follow-up. Chromogranin Results 104.

Creatinine HI 101

Glomerular Filtration Rate 54

Hemoglobin LO 119

results seem to appear not too positive.




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Hi!  I had surgery September 30 and recently had my six-month follow-up.  I just received my Chromogranin A 1141 H ng/mL 0-95 test results and I'm trying to find out what that means - another possible tumor suspected with surgery scheduled May 12th - so I'm not certain what, if anything, will change due to the result.  Awaiting return call from surgeon.  Any insight from other members would be greatly appreciated!

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