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Frustrated with a friend...

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She was diagnosed with Stage I anal cancer a year ago. Instead of having the tumor removed and starting the Nigro protocol, she traveled to Germany and then to a clinic in Mexico for alternative treatments. Two weeks ago, she was told the cancer had returned and metastized to her peritoneum and a couple of lymph nodes. Now she has decided to go to an oncology clinic and have chemo and radiation. I understand wanting to look at alternative methods but when dealing with cancer and proven medical methods, can't they go hand in hand somehow?

Thanks for letting me vent!

Dog Girl
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First off I understand your frustration, but understand you tend to become overwhelmed when receiving a cancer diagnosis. I don't know your freind's background, but if she tried to live a very clean and organic lifestyle I suppose I can understand her wanting to try the non chemical route first. I basically view chemo as controlled poison and there can certainly be long lasting side effects from both chemo and radiation, but it really is such a personal decison.

I didn't have the resources to try any alternative treatment; I was just relieved that I had pretty good insurance for the traditional treatment. Even if I had the opportunity to try an alternative approach, I still believe that I would have gone the Nigro route because overall the outcomes are pretty good. Even with lymph node involvement your friend may still have a good outcome. My lymph nodes did not show any involvement on my PET/CT scans, but they still got zapped as a precaution.

Your friend will need support now more than ever, so try to be there for her.

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I'll definitely be there for her - I'm glad she is going to the oncology group this time.

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I hope she will be able to get the Nigro treatment now. As grueling and brutal as it may seem, it still is the treatment with the fairly good success rates. I wish your friend all the very best.

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To answer your question: Yes, they can work hand-in-hand beautifully! Your friend needs you now more than ever, both of you focusing on the present and the future. I followed a modified Gerson cancer diet while going through the Nigro protocol with much success. Many blessings to both of you!!

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