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Have any of of you on the board had colostomy and trouble with obstruction/adhensions due to the "caking" of the "seeds" from PPC? Has it gone worse (i.e more caking, more surgery) or being better with time? Anyone being off the colostomy later in life?


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I had a couple near obstructions from the cancer but they were able to shrink the cancer with chemo and avoid doing the colostomy. I can tell you that the chemo should reduce the cancer so it does not cause any furthur obstructions unless it grows back at some later date. The adhesions are always a potential problem. They could cause an obstruction in any of us which may require more surgery to remove that particular adhesions.
Often the colostomy can be reversed (undone) once the cancer has shrunk if they did not have to take out too much of the intestine.
The doctor should be able to advise you soon if he thinks the colostomy can be taken down. Ask him. Hugs and prayers! Let us know how things are going!

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Thank you for your reply, that sounds wounderful in my ears. I really hope that this will cause less problems in future while taking the chemo.. If it could be reversed, it would mean the world to my mum as she thinks the colostomy is the worst thing right now (and not the ppc and chemo itself (!). I will pass on this information to her. She will be delighted. I will let you know how things are going.


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