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cin2 and 3, had a leep, now am getting other symptoms...am so scared!

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I have had cin 1 off and on for a couple of years, but this year at my annual exam my ob said it had developed to cin 2 and 3 and I needed to have a leep. So I got a leep procedure done last week, which was not as bad as i expected, but since then, I have been getting very strange symptoms. I have a bizarre lump on the top side of my left wrist which protrudes only when i bend my hand forward (dropping my fingers towards the floor), it wasn't hurting at first but now it is starting to have a really heavy feeling, i cant really explain it, but my hand feels really heavy to carry, if that makes sense. And then this morning i discovered a bruise on my right hip, which is becoming more and more painful as the day is progressing, and it is also causing a kind of "pins and needles" effect all through my right leg. I know this sounds really strange, but I am getting really scared that all these things are related. Has anyone heard of anything like this? I am so confused and really scared about what is happening to my body! Any advice would really help! - confused girl

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The thing in your wrist sounds like a cyst. The hip? Did you bump into something without realizing it? It's normal to become hypervigilant after what you've gone through. Follow up with your doc and get some answers. I wish you luck!

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Thanks so much! i think I am going stir crazy thinking about what is going on! well my husband has convinced me that he wants me to speak to the doctor and see if this is normal, so I have an app for today for that. I definatley havent bumped into anything, as I havent really been moving around too much since my Leep, so I am perpetually expecting the worst! :( thnaks so much for the support! This is all so new and such a rocky road!

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