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PSA test this week :-(

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Blessed thus far with Zeros plus this will be my first 6 month test since I graduated from every 3 months on my year anniversary…I truly hate the anticipation of these test results...Best to all!

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I still go through the same feeling. Sometimes it's stronger than other times but it's always there. As they're drawing the blood, I actually find myself staring at the blood as it flows into the vial and trying to see if I can determine anything with my naked eye. I know that I can't, but I still find mtself staring at it wondering what's in there. Best of luck on this and future draws. Keep us posted.

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Are any doctors using the new urine test for pc? Research shows it could replace the psa blood test. Hope your test results make you smile bdhilton.

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Good to hear from you BDHilton. I think we all hate the wait. In early october I will be getting my PSA Again..If all is good I get to graduate to a yearly cycle. I started with 3 months then 6 months...And hoping for the next step!


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Great to hear the good news. I too hate waiting for the results but it's something pc club members must deal with. Best of luck and continued undetectable psa readings---Dan

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