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Fosamax wkly pill vs Reclast annual infusion

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BCBS would not approve Reclast for me...unless I could not tolerate the Fosamax weekly pills. It always is about money. So, I have been on Fosamax with usual muscle aches, night sweats, etc. Tolerable...but geez, it would be nice to not have to remember to take the darn extra pill each Sunday. So, my insurance changes next month and I am pretty sure they will approve Reclast annual injection. Onc said it was up to me and the side effects would be similar. Now I want to ask the real people........ what do you think and what has been your experience? I am sure many of you have had the Reclast.........

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How about boniva? Will they cover it or one of the once a month pills? I took boniva before I had the recurrence and then was switched to the stronger zometa. Never had any problems with boniva.

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I have had my second year of reclast with very little side effects. I had more side effects the first year I had it but only shortly after the infusion. I could not take the pill because it made my acid reflux much worse. My side effects from femara are much worse than side effects from reclast. My oncologist got my insurance to pay for it by filing it as a part of my treatment. Good luck on wharever you decide to do.

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Megan M
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I've not been on these, just want to wish you good luck!

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I've only been on for about 3 weeks. I had those "flu like symptoms" the first week but fine after that. The Femara has my hot flashes and night sweats in the nuclear range though. Let me know how you make out! My mother-in-law was put on Fosamax for her osteoporosis because Medicare wouldn't cover the once a month pill the Dr. gave her a sample of. It's always something!

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been on Fosamax for 8 months.....armidex for 10 months. Sometimes I am not sure if side effects are from one of the meds or just older age :-) I do know I can tolerate this if no other choice. I think the insurance we have certainly dictates what choices we can make with our doctors......it is always about money :-(

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my sister was on Fosamax and could not tolerate the joint pain. After having recurrence of DCIS in 2010 she asked to go on Evista (????). I've been on Arimidex since January 2011. I will have another bone density done next spring and I know I can't tolerate Fosamax because of acid reflux. I do think insurance dictates what meds we can take. They always want you to try the cheapest one first and then maybe they'll cover the more expensive (newer) med. Wishing you the best.
{{hugs}} Char

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I haven't had this, so, I am hoping that you will have no side effects.


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