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I have missed cold cereal

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Not the most pressing subject but just thought I would throw out this question. I love cold cereal. Tried eating it not long after treatment ended (Dec. of 2010) and I had trouble swallowing it and the taste wasn't quite right.
Now I find myself eating almost everything. Wondered if any of you had this same issue and if so what cereal (s) did you find most tolerable?
I like the Kasha stuff but it might not be the best first choice. I also like Honey Cheerios. This gives you some idea of what I would LIKE to have!
Thanks and BTW, I love this network. I live in a small town in Ohio and you guys are the best!
Nancy aka toughcookie

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Yes I love Cheerios and also like Captain Crunch, but wife wants me to eat more stuff like Fiber One. To me it taste like crap but have to get it down to please her. During treatment could not eat any of it as none of it had taste or would roll down the throat.


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I was never a big cold cereal lover, because I always prefered savory stuff over sweet. After treatment I tried some, but also, I would have to let the cereal get all mushy in the milk in order for me to swallow it, which I really don't like. Gets me gaggy.

I seemed to have the best luck with Reece's peanubutter puffs. Chex cereal and all the squares seem to hold a lot of milk and make it easier to swallow. Then honey nut cherios. Then, the only other one I tried, was the flakes with the pieces of strawberries. For the life of me I cannot think of what it's called. The strawberries got stuck on that one. I may get a small box of something to try again. I haven't tried any cereal since I started my savory oatmeal kick a few months ago.

Hope you find something you enjoy that works for you.

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Pam M
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I remember being so pleased with myself because I could taste almost everything very quickly after treatment. I was so looking forward to some Corn Pops (yeah, when I was a kid, they were "Sugar Pops"). Unfortunately, when I got to where I thought I could physically eat the cereal, I still couldn't taste it. Just like with ice cream. Warm foods I could taste, though. Or maybe it's just sweet that didn't work for me for a while. From time to time, I'd try again. Finally got some taste, but it wasn't as good as I recall the cereal tasting. My oatmeal (steel cut) with fruit, though was just plain yummy.

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I know the feeling of not being able to taste the good stuff like Ice Cream. When I try to eat it I have to keep telling my brain how good it taste how good it taste if not I will forget.

Oh well it could be worse I keep saying

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I can eat any type of cereal now, but my first and easist ones were Cherios, Rice Chex and Special K.

I also eat oatmeal just about every day.


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That was all I could eat including the ones with berries.

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Farina and oatmeal have become mainstays for me. I can eat the cold stuff if I let it sit until it's soggy as a wet noodle but much prefer the Farina and oatmeal now. Get creative and add fruit, berries, nuts, honey, raisons, or blu cheese crumbs. Oh wait, the blu cheese I use in salad, just a chemo brain moment.

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after trying many my choice was frosted flakes, i felt if tony said they were great they had to be LOL.

i really like it cold so in a bowl i put 3-4 large ice cubes, filled half full of skim milk and the other half with water. i would add a small bit of frosted flakes, the nice thing for me is the flakes were crunchy and could chew to very small pieces easy and then the liquid would make it easy to swallow because it was not sticky or soft.

it sure make for good cold meal. just so you know i did this for weeks most every meal just to get by.


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Broke down and bought a box of Frosted Flakes. Put wayyyy too much in the bowl. And too much milk. Found them to get tasteless and yukky soon so dumped them. BUT, later ate them out of the box and then they were quite delightful.
Every day eating is an adventure isn't it??
Nancy aka toughcookie

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You have that right for sure, especially for the first year or so....

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One of Buzz's first solid meals was Quaker Oat Squares in a lot of milk. He has continued to eat it every morning. Give it a try. Karen

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