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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

a few things...

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Hi all,
I haven't been around for past 3 weeks as I've been lurking on the lung cancer page. Dad (who's 83) has been diagnosed with advanced stage non small cell lung cancer. His Onc has indicated he has 2 choices...chemo to prolong his life to 12 - 24 month or nothing at all aka hospice. Dad's been wavering back and forth hoping one of us will tell him what he should do. He's confused and doesn't fully comprehend what's going on. I have been telling his docs I think he has beginning dementia. Anyway, went to his place today to go over the options again...pros and cons of both and to read him the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care he signed 20+ years ago. He doesn't remember signing it :o( let alone remembering what it says. So I explained to him he can change his mind but he needs to let me know so I can update it. He's decided to leave as is which means he will not be doing the chemo. I think he was relieved to not be having that decision to make anymore...we'll see if it changes between now and Friday when he meets with the Onc again.
I had another Onc appointment this week. RBC,Hemoglobin and Hemotocrit have dipped below the standard. The Onc doesn't seem too worried about it since I feel good. Will go back in Nov to which he said that he will order an additional lab test: Ferritin (iron deficiency anemia). He said that depending on the results of that test we MAY get a subtype without having to do the node biopsy. I say yea! I hope it happens...I'm so stalling on the node biopsy.

Indolent B Cell Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma - watch and wait

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Hi Rosie,
I'm sorry about your fathers lung cancer. Is he strong enough physically to have chemo? My Aunt was in her early 70's when she had chemo and radiation for her breast cancer and she did really well. Her cancer is back and she's now 85, and instead of doing chemo this time, she's getting shots in both hips. Maybe your dads Onc will find something less harsh for him to take. I'll keep you and your dad in my prayers...let us know how things go.
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Sue, you are such a caring and loving person. This site is lucky to have you here and helping others. You and Bluerose certainly have the gift. Just wanted you to know how appreciated you are. Joanie

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Thanks Sue, you truely are an angel! My brother and I don't feel Dad has the mindset to withstand the chemo. Should have seen the look on his face when I told him I won't be his caregiver (like I was with Mom last year until she passed). He has the means to hire someone but doesn't want to spend the money. My Onc said someone else needs to care for him, it's too much for me. I'll be sure to ask his Onc this week if there is anything less harsh for him. Have a fabulous day!

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