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newly dx kidney and lung both

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Hello everyone, My husband just got the dx from our doctor about his lung biopsy. He has a 1.2 nodule that is cancer. I do not know the type of cancer yet. His kidney has a cancer mass also and has been dx as transitional cell carcinoma. Because of the location of the mass, 2.8 x 2.4cm, our urologist will take the whole kidney. He told us he will also take the ureter and a small section at the top of the bladder. He does not think the bladder is involved. There is a nodule on the adrenal and that may have to go to if the doctor sees the need at time of surgery. My question is has anyone had this small section of bladder removed with the kidney? The lung and the kidney cancers are unrelated but seems quite coincidental for both of these cancers to appear at the same time. They are both small and that is encouraging. Will find out this week which surgery comes first. Seems to me that the lung surgery would take longer to recover yet the kidney needs to be addressed. The kidney tumor is a low grade so that may make the doctor's decision. Any advice or experience with this will be so appreciated. Nan

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Dear Nancys,

The size of the tumor on the Kidney is definately curable by a Nepherectomy. The complications with the bladder etc. are beyond my field of knowledge and you will probably have to address those questions to the doctors and the other posters. Hopefully being a survivor and having gone thru this will make your husband's journey much easier. Likewise I have no kmowledge with regard to the unrelated Lung Cancer.

Reading the many positive posts on this board will hopefully make dealing with the RCC much easier.

Best wishes,


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I, too, am unfamiliar with a kidney surgery that involves so much more landscape, such as bladder and ureter. The tumor itself is quite small, and is therefore curable with surgery -- and a number of surgical options at that! The tumor must be located in a really awkward place.

Don't forget the value of a second opinion since this is not playing out as the typical kidney cancer surgery.

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Nancys - was a biopsy done on the kidney? The only sure way to say "it's malignant" is to get a biopsy. Do I understand the spot in the lung was biopsied and determined to be malignant? Did you get a copy of the pathology report? If not I would request it, and I'd be curious what it said.

Wishing you and your husband good luck.

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