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TC chemo starts Wednesday. Any suggestions?

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My TC chemo starts Wednesday. Does anyone have any suggestions to make it easier? Nurse told me to eat breakfast and a light non greasy non spicy lunch and to drink lots of fluids before getting there. Any thing else I can do?

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Yes, light breakfast, toast, muffin. Bring crackers and or bag of dry cherrios to snack on. Don't overeat. Trust me not a good idea. Stick to bland. Bring water bottle and drink during and after. You will be OK.

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I also took a puzzle book and a novel in case I wanted to do something in the waiting room. And a sweater--it was cold sometimes. Some people brought lap-tops with them.


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Good advice on here. I had taxotere and cytoxan. I agree that eating something bland and taking crackers is a good idea. I took a book to read, and a little blanket because I got really cold.
Best wishes to you,

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Can't offer any advise, I have my first chemo treatment Thursday (Taxol). Just wanted to wish you the best and hopefully few side effects!

Prayers and Hugs,

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there, done that!

I equate my breast cancer journey, much like a roller coast ride! So many highs, so many lows!! Emotions all over the map, changing by the hour.

As a 2010 survivor of chemo, please be assure that it is doable. While there is plenty to be scared about with any cancer diagnosis, try not to be scared -- and the more positive and relaxed you can be, the better all your surgery and treatments may go. Many knowledgeable people have been involved in helping determine the right treatment for each of us, because we are all different, and new treatments and studies are coming out regularly.

My suggestion ... Information and foreign jargon is talked about during chemo sessions, and most Oncologist will see you after your infusion has finished .. if not him/her then the PA -A tape record comes in handy .. record the conversation, so you can use it as a reference. Notebook for taking notes .. and writing down all questions you may have -- plus you have concerns, please write them down and address them during your Oncology appointment.

Information/Research and side efforts associated with your particular chemo - please check out chemocare.com

With all chemo therapy infused drugs .. there are side efforts, and many of us WARRIORS .. suffer from 1 or 2, while others suffer a great deal.

I had taxotere, carboplatin, and herceptin ... I did suffer with mouth and throat sores (Tom Natural toothpaste helped); the steroids and other meds helped with my nauseated before and during chemo .. after chemo infusions -- nausea plagued me for several days (everybody is different -- just my case, and my body) I did suffer with fatigue and bouts and constipation issues - please do not hesitate to call your Oncologist in attempts to find relief. Please chew on ice chips during your chemo infusion .. this will help alleviate mouth sores, cause by chemo drugs.

Hydrate, rest, and hydrate some more. Small meals can often help with nausea. I also splashed / flavored my never ending water consumptions with crystal light, lemonade, cranberry juice or apple juice. Herbal tea worked in the evenings, for me. .. drinking plain water endlessly, got a little boring for me.

Lastly, please put your Oncologist telephone on speed dial .. and call when any and all concerns - regardless of time of day or night!

Strength, Courage and Hope.

Vicki Sam

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Alexis F
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I didn't have chemo, but, I want to wish you good luck.

Hugs, Lex

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and used plastic silverware to eat from the 1st chemo on. Never had a metal mouth taste. I also used Biotene mouthwash & toothpaste to keep the mouth moist. Wishing you a successful journey through chemo. I had 6 rounds of Taxotere/Cytoxan followed by 28 rads. The 1st chemo took several hours because they go slow and check for reactions, etc. Bring something to read and snacks to eat. I had a Neulasta shot the following day and did sleep days 3-5.
{{hugs}} Char

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I did six rounds of TAC, and my doc prescribed ativan (anti-anxiety med) to be taken the night before and the morning of the first infusion. This might be something to ask about depending on your level of anxiety.

The thing that comes to my mind that hasn't been mentioned, is be sure you know who to call/where to go IN CASE you have a bad reaction after hours. I never needed that information, but it was comforting to know what might trigger a visit to ER. You'll also want to know what number to call during office hours if you have a question about any side effects.

I'll repeat the part about drinking lots of water, and start now. Being well hydrated helps the nurse find a vein for the infusion, helps the chemo drugs flow through your body, and will help keep you hydrated in case of vomiting or diarrhea. I liked my water icy cold, and drank Smart Water at treatment times for the added electrolytes.

Finally, know that you can come here with any questions. And come back to let us know how you're doing.



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Double Whammy
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it's a lot scarier than the reality of the experience (at least it was for me). I hope you can take care of yourself. I took exceptionally good care of myself, walked, ate healthy, drank lots of water, read a lot of good books, and rested. I was a princess and it was all about me. My children are grown, I'm sort of retired, so I was able to focus on getting through it. I, too, had Taxotere and Cytoxin and it's very doable. It ain't a walk in the park, but you will get through it. Come here and post any questions. Someone will have experienced whatever it is you're experiencing. For wierd side effects, ask me. I just wasn't normal!

Good luck on Wednesday. Do you need the pink bus outside?


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For me, the hardest part was walking through that door. I had 6 rounds of TAC and I must admit they weren't any where near as bad as I imagined. Everyone is different, but I tried to have a very positive attitude, follow all the good advice I'd gotten and just "git 'er done"!!!

Sending you tons of positive energy and good thoughts,

Hugs, Renee

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I just wanted to be sure and wish you good luck tomorrow.

Sue :)

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I had taxotere cytoxen chemo last September. Day of treatment I had no side effects whatsoever. But do stay hydrated before, during, and after. Also, recommend that you be sure that you alredy have prescriptions for stomach issues and pain on hand (just in case). Everyone reacts or doesn't react differently. I have not heard anyone saying they had any effects the day of chemo though. I had no mouth issues but in case you do, Miracle Mouthwash (prescription) is very helpful. I know it's very scary going in without knwoing what's going to happen. But you will get through this.
All my best,

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Thinking of you today and sending positive thoughts!

Hugs, Diane

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I kept telling myself to Chillax! I'd have a cup of hot tea in the morning then go straight to chemo (carboplaten/taxotere). Since it was a private office, they had a ton of blankets to keep me warm and plenty of movies to watch. It was easier to watch than read for me, because I would keep drifting off to sleep. They gave me ginger ale or water, depending on what I wanted, but the ginger ale kept my stomach quiet. Then we'd go to iHop and get something, well Mom did because by then she was hungry, but food for me was a waste - everything tasted like cardboard and I had no appetite. I'd get something to please her and our waitress (who knew our ritual) and plenty of liquids, mostly diet coke or iced tea, something tall and cold and keep it coming. I was always thirsty. They put the anti-nausea medication in the iv before the chemo, and then i had pills to take for 3 days after, so I never got sick except I threw up a little after the last chemo. Its not a walk in the park, but its not unpleasant. Like I said, a movie was always good to get into and keep my mind off what was going on around me. You are a strong pink warrior and a kindred spirit!!! You will do this and rejoice when its over!!!! But I will still keep you in my prayers and hope you have no side effect reactions. Well, there's one side effect that can't be avoided and we know what that one is. Buy some scarves and hats!! You will be fine, keep saying that to yourself.
Thinking of you tomorrow -

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Hoping that your 1st chemo went well for you and that you don't have any side effects. Be sure and let your oncologist know if you do.

Hugs, Noel

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Is doable, usually cancer survivors are there w/breakfast and lots of support, but if you eat a banana, toast or crackers and a gatorade G2 will be plenty, you can drive, side effects are 3 days later and be prepared because an average 9 out of 10 patients have disconfort, it was rough on me, taxotere gives a lot of hard time, you have to drink buckets of water and gatorade, don't forget a stool softener, senokot works, a claritin before and after the neulasta shot and a bland diet of toast, rice, apple sauce, and bananas for like a week or so, then you have to eat a lot in order to bounce back and recup for the next infussion
If you can sleep with the help of ativan or xanax prescribed by your onco great! specially those nasty 3rd to 5th days after - then it will pass, you will be just fine.
Wishing you the best

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Alexis F
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How did your chemo go today?


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