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Stem cell transplant

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Does anyone here had a Allogenic stem cell transplant and how was it after your 100days?

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Just thought I would offer up a bit of encouragement as I am a 25 year survivor of non hodgkins lymphoma and actually had one of the first autologus stem cell transplants for lymphoma, prior to that they only did them for leukemia patients.

Today things are very different to when I had my bone marrow transplant, I was in isolation for 2 months after treatment and had a long recovery time. I won't comment on your question about 100 days later because mine was so long ago and it was a totally different ballgame.

Suffice is to say though that treatments have come a long way and just wanted to show you that even 25 years ago they did something write because here I sit typing to you today. lol. I personally think it was the stem cell part that is giving me the longevity.

All the best - you can do it too and 25 years from now you will be writing to someone giving them support too or perhaps in 25 years cancer will have been cured by then. Oh wouldn't that be the best.

Blessings and remember, day by day will get you there.


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You are just the best. I appreciate all the words of encouragement you give others. It is a gift from God. Joanie

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My husband is about to undergo an autologus transplant for Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Your words and encouragement come at the right time as we are both becoming discouraged after six months of chemo and debate about whether to do the transplant. It's good to hear that you've survived 25 years later, hopefully with a very productive and fulfilling life we assume.

I just happened to google this site on the internet and can't tell you how hopeful it makes an otherwise gray day in late May feel ... Thanks and I hope 25 years from now my husband will be able to offer the same encouragement to someone else.

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You are so right.Bluerose is a world of encouragement to all. John

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I seen your post and my husband will also be going for a stem cell transplant in July. He also has Mantel cell lymphoma but Blastoid...

Coming across the post was very encouraging for sure.


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