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Masturbation Prevents PCa?

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I heard Dr. Oz say that masturbation prevents PCa one day and decided to check it out.

Older studies seem to suggest the contrary but one fairly recent study suggests that high masturbation levels for men between 20-50 in Australia was correlated w/a lower incidence of PCa but, as they say, more research is needed. See: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn3942-masturbating-may-protect-against-prostate-cancer.html.

Too late for most of us but, if I were still "young" and pre-PCa, it's nice to think that I might be able to avoid the "beast" (even if I might go blind at the same time) by stroking the turtle's neck (just made that up for those of you like me who are uncirc'd or restored). LOL!!!!

If interested, you can check here for your favorite masturbation metaphors: http://bennyhills.fortunecity.com/miller/573/wanklist.html.

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Had to smile....but TMI, TMI, TMI.....

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Interesting but I do nto think so...:-)

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I have to imagine that if more research was needed on this subject that there would be no shortage of volunteers. I wonder if any potential decrease in PCa would be matched by a corresponding increase in the rate of Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome?

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