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Questions for You...

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Hi, I'm from the Breast Cancer forum.

My husband's uncle was diagnosed last month with Stage 4 Cancer of Unknown Primary. The cancer was detected in the lymph nodes in his neck. His entire lymphatic system is infiltrated with cancer. He is beginning chemo next week, but has been made to understand it is only palliative at this point.

Lymph nodes are beginning to swell throughout his body and the nodes collect and fill with cancer cells.

He has seen the cream of crop as far as cancer specialists go. He been told nothing more can be done. It's all happening so fast.

Has anyone on this forum experienced this type of cancer or know of someone who has? What was the prognosis?

My husband's uncle has been told he will not live long. He's been given estimations of a few months to maybe a year, but he's getting worse each week.

Any help or information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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