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1st chemo ended up in hospital

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Is there anyone out there who also has heart problems?
On 7/28 went for my 1st (of 6 every 3weeks carbo/taxol) treatment. That was on a Fhursday and it went great. I felt ok and ok Friday until Saturday afternoon then...I know that the worst if side effects comes between 24-72 hrs after chemo day.
I takes meds for control & have had Atrial Fibrillation for 10 years-about 6 times have gone out of sync for more than 8 hours (per my cardio doc) & had to go to ER for conversion help. Sometimes it just happens, or the drug works or once I had to have a conversion (the paddles) to get me back in sync. The process is risky -as everything can be-but it's more of nusence than that scary.
Getting to the point - Saturday after chemo had Afib- went to ER - tried meds-had to be converted again on Monday. Ugh!!!
My cardio doc gave me a new antiarrythmic drug to take while I am in chemo- then I probably go off IF I am clean.
I fear this will be my 10th med I am on (have other unrelated issues) - and if I need more & more chemo I will be on it perm.
I also had BAD neuropathy in my legs & feet.
Nausea managable and no puking anyway, just very weak.
Only on Thursday did I start to fell a "little more like myself-little stronger" to which I am thankful.
Also when I went to the drugstore -my friend picked me up from hospital-to get the new heart med. the pharmacist told me to stop my nausea med given by my oncologist as it can interfer with heart rhythm.
I read that the taxol can have that side effect so between the two of them I was a mess!
As you go on with chemo do the side effects get stronger and worse or do they pretty much stay the same??
Please help.

Blessings to all, Dee.

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I had a reaction to taxol. I was able to take it with extra steroids. The oncologist told me that sometimes you have a reaction and sometimes not. I think with your heart history you need to keep in close contact with your oncologist and cardiologist. You may do just fine with some medication adjustment. There are other drugs they can switch you to also if taxol doesn't work or you have problems. The other thing they could do is admit you each time you have chemo. I think you need to see your oncologist and develop a plan for the next one. You may have to work harder at this but you will work it out.

Keep fighting,

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Hi, Dee, I am so sorry to hear the problems you are having. As you know, everyone's response to any given chemo is different, BUT, if it's any consolation, my experience with carbo/taxol was that it got easier each time.

Hang in there!


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I too had a reaction to Taxol during my first treatment and also Carbo during my 3rd treatment. Then my heart rate would go to 160's days after my treatments. I got put on a medicine to slow my heart rate, but my heart rate would still go up at times. I never had to go to the hospital, as with rest the heart rate would go back down on it's own. I had never had any heart problems prior to chemo.

Good luck with your next chemo. I agree with Diane you should consult with both your onocologist and cardiologist. In peace and caring.

Lisa 00
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Hi Dee,

I have cardiomyopathy and went through the 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. After my first round of chemo, I had an EKG that showed I had developed a bundle branch block. Then, approximately 8 months later, and after all of my chemo was done, I had a stress echo that showed the bundle branch block still present. The BBB ultimately went away during the next year as it didn't show up on my next yearly stress echo.

So possibly your problem will resolve as well once the chemo is over. It did take a year or so for my BBB to go away, so it may not be immediate.


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