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CT Scans

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USPC-hysterectomy next week. My mom had a CT scan which showed no apparent masses outside of the uterus, which was music to my ears. Her chest x=ray showed a shadow that her doctor thinks may be pneumonia. She had a cough and sore throat a week ago. They are now ordering a CT Scan of her chest to rule this out prior to surgery next week. I'm crossing my fingers it is nothing. Did most of you have CT scans of your chest? My mom's insurance denied it when first requested. They are approving it now based on shadow that showed up on x-rays.

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Before my surgery in '08 they did lots of tests to rule out heart problems. They were cautious - it took 6 days of tests while I was hospitalized with excrutiating pain (from my uterus- doc said a cyst broke which brought me to the hospital on Sept 11th!). I believe chest xray was done. Sounds like they are laying groundwork for good surgical result.

Please ask about a functional profile (tissue assay). This will be done on the tissue samples and will help determine which chemo your cancer will respond to.

Question: if your mother has not had surgery, who is saying she has UPSC? - this would normally be determined from biopsy. Or am I confused about this - is this your situation or your mother's?

Mary Ann

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My mom had a D&C due to post menopausal bleeding and the cancer was found when the polyps were biopsied.

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