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Megace side effects

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Hi, is anyone experiencing bothersome side-effects from Megace? I took it 11 years ago with no problems, but this time (I had a recurrence) I am suffering from shortness of breath, weakness and digestive issues. They did a CT Scan to check for pulmonary embolism, and it was clear.

Anyone taking Megace alternative such as progestin?

I know this sounds crazy, but chemo seemed easier than Megace. By day 5 of chemo I was feeling much better. Megace just wears on me day after day....

Thank you,

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it just goes to show how individual our reactions are. i took megace for a couple of months, was told i would gain weight on it, which i didn't, and as far as i can recall now, had no effects at all. on the other hand, chemo kicks my butt, especially the one i'm on now--carbo and gemzar. but, it's doing it's job, so i can't complain too much. hope you begin to feel better with the megace. sounds like it worked once, so hopefully, will again.


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I think you can take depo provera instead of Megace. The problem is that it is a shot that stays in your system for three months. There are other progesterone drugs that are oral. I'd ask my oncologist about the problems you are having. There are other options.


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Sara Zipora
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I am six months past Chemo and started Megace then as I was Estrogen and Progesterine +. My Onco didn't want to give me Tamoxiphen as a sometime side effect is uterine cancer, got that!
I have gained weight ;-(
And until your post have felt my shortness of breath is 'cause I'm still quite aneamic but, thank you, I'll check it out next appointment.

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