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My mom has stage 4 cervical and we were told she has 6 months

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I need some support and advice. On may 16,2011 my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. Later that same day she ended up in the hospital with a 105 fever and it was found she has a severe uterine infection. After further testing, 2 d and c and a heart attack the doctors changed the diagnosis to stage 4 with metastasis inthe adrenal glands and the lymph nodes. Mom doesn't qualify for radiation because of the fluid in her uterus. She had her first round of taxol/Carbo on June 22nd. A week later I took her to the hospital and she was admitted for a fever and her infection flared up. While there they did a ct and found that the adrenal gland mass grew by 1 cm. She had the 2nd rond on July 13th and again had to go to the hospital and they did the ct again. This time the adrenals doubled in size and the cervical tumor was growing into the uterus. The dr met witj us and blindsided us with the fact that she has 6 months or less to live. They are going to try one round of topetecan/ cysplatin on Tuesday august 9th but if there is still progression they are stopping treatment. I am 32 and my moms full time caregiver. I am a teacher and I am taking a year leave to care for her. My mom is my best friend and I am so sad. It hurts me so badly to look over and see her staring into space and silently crying. She is sharp as a tack and her body is betraying her. I k ow how badly I'm hurting but I can't even imagine how it feels to be told you are dying. Please give me some advice. My heart is broken and I just love her so much. I hate cancer!

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So sorry for you...enjoy every moment you have together.

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