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1st 6 month scan clear!!!

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Just to encourage fellow EC pts, my first 6th month scan is clear. So happy, each one feels like a big step to a longer future and more grandmom time and time to enjoy retirement with Ron. I was a Stage III and thanks to the great efforts at St. Joseph's in Baltimore and many prayers and support from my friends here and my family and friends at home, I have more birthdays. But I am not forgetting all in this struggle and pray every day for everyone here. It is hard to keep up with all the new patients, glad they have found the support I found 2 years ago when I was dazed and saddened by the out of date statistics that I found at first and then came here and found hope, first in Mr. Marshall and then everyone else encouraging me on the way. I am sad to see so many new people and wish that more could be done in research and prevention. I do my part and spread the word that heartburn can cause cancer and am always urging everyone with chronic heartburn and indigestion to get an EGD. thanks again for all help I have had here in my so far 2 yr journey. many prayers for all,

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Hi Donna,

I am one of those new caregivers, my husband Jeff is a stage IIB EC patient. Congrats on the scan that is WONDERFUL news!! As being one of the new folks it is always good to hear the good news and celebrate when we can :)

My prayers still go out daily for those struggling with this disease, but it is good medecine for us to celebrate when we can :)

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Wonderful News!!!!! It is great to hear good news. Time to celibrate and enjoy each day.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams,
McCormick, South Carolina

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Way to go! Keep up the good work!! : )

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Joel C
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Congratulations Donna I’m very happy to hear your good news. Your story is an inspiration to many.


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Congratulations on your clear scan! You give us all hope! Enjoy the grandmom/retirement time!

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I'm celebrating with you!!!! Every NED test is such wondeful news.I know you are feeling like enjoying your family now that you are better and I pray all your future test will be the same.

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Wonderful news. Enjoy:)

Lots of hugs and love,

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I'm so happy to hear your good news.


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Hi Donna
So very pleased to hear that your first scan was clear and hope you get many, many more the same. I know exactly how you feel as my husband, Alan, T3N1M0 had his first scan after 16 months, and that too was clear, thank God after such a long time.

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news!

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Excellent news!! So happy to hear this.

Warmest regards,

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great news!! We'll keepa prayin Donna.

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