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Good scan results!!!!

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Just got the results of my MRI bone scan -- and it's good news!!! Yea (and phew -- I don't want to tell you what a wreck I was last night -- not pretty!).

This is the first scan since I've been on a new chemo regime (FOLFOXFIRI) for multiple bone mets --after 4 cycles. The results: no new bone mets, no new anything nasty, and the existing mets all showing good signs of response. (Who knew that oedema/edema around a bone met is sign of a good response - not me!). OK -- it's not NED. But, for me, THIS IS GOOD NEWS.

Not sure what the future holds but my Onc is talking about (just talking at this stage) a chemo break after 4 more cycles -- with carefully monitoring (MRI, PET). Can't tell you how sweet that sounds....

Meanwhile, I'm off to NYC in two weeks to put my youngest into college -- yea! Looking forward getting him sorted and to a few days in NYC - yea!!

Life is good! (she says, hooked up to an oxaliplatin IV pole -- how funny is that?!)

Tara (grinning)

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Keep on grinning!! Enjoy NY, I'm going with my daughter on labor day weekend (No good New Yorker is in NY on labor day which means we have the city to ourselves!!!)
Smile, Tara, Smile. I'm smiling at your good news with you!
Winter Marie

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Thanks, darling! I got a really good deal online at a really nice hotel (more grinning) -- it's great to be visiting a city I love (anytime of year) at such an "unpopular" time! Yea for us!


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No other words Tara! .
Make me happy today ,thanks for sharing some good news! we need it!.

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I like it............

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Great news! Have a good time on your trip!


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Hi tara,

I am very very happy for you! Have a good trip and take care!

Love Dora

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I am so very happy for you, to me its just one step closer to you being NED! Enjoy NYC and be safe...


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Great news Tara, and then New York no wonder you are grinning. Do not take that smile of anytime soon you hear!1

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So nice they named it twice!
That's GREAT news Tara. I'm very glad to hear that things look stable and/or nothing new to report. It's nice that you have a possible break on the horizon too. It's funny how things that might seems so simple can bring such joy and relief.
We just started taking our oldest (will be a senior this Sept) to some colleges. He checked out Stony Brook and will check out one in Albany this week. There are a lot of great colleges in NY and if you're a resident the tuition isn't too bad.
Where is he going if you don't mind my asking? If you do, that's fine, I understand
Congrats on it all

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Don't mind at all, Phil. He's going to Parsons School of Design, to study photography. Yes, he's one of those: an artist! Don't know where he got it from....Sadly I'm not resident and the school is private so tuition is awful!

Have fun visiting colleges. I did it with both my boys and I really enjoyed the experience...Hope you do, too.

Thanks for all your warm words!


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Oh, that is so exciting Tara!! No new growths, and the ones you have are not growing ... it's music to our ears! Now talk of a possible break from chemo... yahoooo!!! I had a nasty reaction to the Irinotecan. As far as I'm concerned, I didn't react well to it right from the start back in Feb. If you all recall, I was soooooo sick for two weeks out of the three weeks, so they lowered the dosage to 75% and I was getting it every two weeks instead of three... and still, I never felt right. That's when the bronchitis came on and then asthma! I've never had asthma in my life!!! Long story short, I ended up in emerg, having great difficulty in breathing. That convinced the doctors that, ok, maybe I am reacting to the chemo, even though they have never heard of this kind of a reaction. They figured I picked up a bronchial bug and because of my compromised immune system, I am having a hard time shaking it. And even though I told them I have never had asthma in my life, they figured this goes hand in hand with the bronchial problems (yes, got the broncialspasms of wheezing as well).

Anywho.... scans showed no new growths, and the growth in my current tumours was sooooo slow, I could afford to take a break, to regain my strength and kick this bronchial stuff in the butt. I have had July off and I get August off... will be starting Vectibix on Sept 9th ;)

We LIVE for these chemo-free breaks.... and are happy to take them if we know everything is under control :) So, hopefully in the not so distant future, you will be telling us you are on a chemo-free holiday!!! Enjoy NYC!!! That's quite the trip from HK to NYC!! :)


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So happy to hear you are on a chemo-break too, Cheryl (although it sounds like one imposed by a crisis! - hey, we take what we get!). Hope the bronchial stuff clears up really soon. I've coped well with the Irinotecen -- sheer luck, I guess. Sorry about your experiences with it. Hope the Vectibix works wonders for you -- with no/minimal side effects! Thrilled to hear that your scans showed no new stuff and pretty stable old stuff -- that is great. Enjoy August and September!!

Yea, HK to NY is long flight! But you get used to, living here. And I have to confess I go for pharmaceuticly assisted sleep!


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hi tara,

i really admire your attitude.

pete (smiling)

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Your scan is in the right direction so that is great news. Now you have something to celebrate in NY. Have fun and be safe and go celebrate.


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Kenny H.
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Nothing like a clear scan. Love it.

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