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Lump in tongue

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I developed a large sublingual lump in the middle of my tongue and I am quite worried about it. It has been there for two months after suddenly appearing in a rather painful and inflammed way. (A similar lump appeared under my chin at exactly the same time but subsequently disappeared although the tongue lump has remained). The inflammation went down and the lump seemed smaller so my dentist thought I could wait and see what happens but two days ago I suddenly felt it has grown and gotten harder and feels painful again.

I went to see a local ENT but he has no idea what it is and wants me to wait another 5 weeks to see. He seemed unconcerned that it could be cancer or anything malignant. I feel concerned that it would be dangerous to wait any longer. The ENT said doing a biopsy or an MRI would be of no help.

Does anyone out there have any info for me? From what I have read on the internet I think I need to take action to discover what this is. I'm starting to get very scared. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

Thanks so much!

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I don't have the same issue you have ; but in a span of time from April 1st when I found a small lump on the right side of my neck , I had a CT scan, saw my internist, who refered me to my ENT, who did a fine needle aspiration, inconclusive, who th enscheduled a PET scan, to rt tonsil removal on June 27th, to a follow-up visit to ENT on July 11, who informed me that the tonsil was the primary cancer site, he then sent me to an oncologist on July 18th, who wanted another PET scan, she didn't want to go by one that was 2 months old, a chemo port was installed 2 weeks ago this friday, I saw the onco doc this past monday, and will start chemotherapy August 8th. I know this is wordy, but I had no symptoms other that the small lump, which is now somewhat larger.....but one of the first things the onco doc said on my intial visit was why did I wait so long to see her. Don't wait find someone else!!!!


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Not sure why a biopsy would be "useless". They do biopsies on tongues all the time. I had one done for leukoplakia done.

I think after two months, I would be going for another opinion. A bump on your tongue for more than two months, would make me way nervous. You definitely need to see someone else.

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if your not happy with your doctor find another. Don't know where your located or center your going to but i suggest you find one that deals with cancer on a large scale, I am not saying you have cancer but they do know how to decide what is there and what is not.

Good luck with your decision.

I would question why wait.


Welcome to a wonderful site with lots of experience, support and knowledge.

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Lygio, It is very IMPORTANT to have this checked out asap. If it is nothing then you will rest easier knowing this info but if it were tongue cancer it can grow fast and any sore that doesn't heal is a real threat. Listen to the people on this sight and have it checked out by another doctor. Remember it is your life that could be at risk. We will pray that it is nothing. Play it safe, Homer & Connie

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Get another opinion from another ENT. When I first started having problems with deafness in my left ear I went to and ENT that could not find any problems but wanted to fix my noise. I told him my noise is ok the way it is but I can hear. So I seen yet another ENT who told me the same thing just about so I stopped worrying about it as two ENTs did not seem to think I have any problem. I figured I am just getting old and going deaf, but then a few months later I started bleeding so I went to see another ENT because I did not trust the first two. When he scoped my nasal passageway he could see a small lump, after he did a biopsy, yep I had cancer. So don’t play with it any longer get another opinion.

Wishing you the best

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jim and i
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Get as many opinions as it takes until someone does a CT or biopsy. Jim went to 4 ENT's one that said it was neuragia and sent him for gamma knife surgery [thankfully the surgeon said not trigemital neuralgia] and finally when the pain had gotten unbearable and he lost 30 lbs in one month, went to Primary care doc who did CT of neck and found stage four base of tongue cancer which had spread to lyph nodes. The ENT said he didn't find it because it was not visible with the scope.

Please do not take no for an answer, get a doctor who will do the CT or biopsy.

Praying it is benign. Debbie

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