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Hi all, update from Jim and April

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Hi Everybody, I always feel so sorry for letting so much time go by between visits here. Summer has kept us busy and emotions sometimes keep me away. I thought I would drop in and check on everyone and give you an update. Jim is doing alright. After his last scans it showed some slight growth and so the Doctor at CTCA took him off the xeloda and Avastin and he is now just getting Vectibix. In two weeks we go for scans again. They won't do a scan using dye because he reacts to the dye and they won't take the chance (even though the Doctors here at home ordered it with dye and the prednisone and benadryl prep) So I sure hope they're getting a good enough picture of things. The good news is his CEA has gone from 6.9 in April, 5.5 in May, 3.3 in June, 2.2 in July and this week it was 2.0. I am sure praying the scans will show as much improvement as his CEA levels have. His side affects are the rash on his face and head, and the usual diarrhea issues. His energy level has improved alot though. So we're going about business, grocery shopping, paying bills, dinner and a movie out now and then at the dollar show, visits with the kids and grandkids the rest of our family. I will take some time to read now and catch up with all of you. Hope to find you doing well in your fight!
(hugs to everyone)

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Great to hear about Jim good CEA results! hope you continue posting and updating any improvement ,remember this is your CSN family and we all need good news such Jim,s one! Love you both!
Have a big hug!.

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So great to hear from you and the news on Jim sounds awesome. With his CEA dropping like that I am sure the scans will follow suit. I have been wondering how CTCA has been working out for you guys.... sounds like it was a great decision. You take care.


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Hi Jennie and Pepe, yes, so far so good. I have been a little skeptical from the beginning, but you can't argue with the results so far. I most appreciate having a naturapath and nutritionist who work directly with the oncologist. Any suppliments or homiopathic products are all approved by the oncologist, so I feel good about that.
So happy to hear your CEA levels are dropping too Pepe. How are you doing Jennie? It'll take me a few days to get caught up with everyone. :)
(hugs) April

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