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Spots on lungs after treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

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Finished Treatment three weeks ago and had a CT Scan last week. This is coming from my general doctor, the results show that the pancreas, liver and stomach are all fine, but they found several small spots on both of my lungs. The previous CT prior to starting treatment showed several small spots of indeterminate size ( the doctor felt that they were nothing as I also suffer from severe asthma and allergies). Other than this I don't know much more, as she said it would be up to the oncologist to determine what he thinks it is. Given my history that radilogist called it possible Lung Metatisis.

I don't have an appointment until 10 days with my radition oncogolist for a routine checkup and I am scared to death what he will tell me.

Has anyone been through this and what were the outcomes. What is the next step if they feel it is something? Biopsy, surgery, wait and see at the next CT Scan in two months?

Scared but trying to live for the next little while. This nightmare doesn't want to end. I am feel great now, and came through the chemo and radiation like a champ with little side effects.

I just talked to the nurse and she said that the report says that the are numerous pulmonary nodules several are new. A few have increased in size by 1-2mm since the last scan in January 2011. They measure 2-4 mm.
No lymph node involvement possible degenerative disc disease possible abdomenal wall has swelling ( but not abnormal after whipple procedure.) Pancreas is fine.

What do you make of all of this?

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