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Pain meds?

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What do you use for pain management? I have tried numerous things but they all make me sick to my stomach. I've even gone down to the lowest pain patch and threw up! I just wondered if anyone else has such a sensitive stomach.

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The only thing that I have been able to stomach is Tylenol 3. It has codine, but it has not made me sick and it takes the edge off the pain. I also have Oxycodone that I have taken when the pain has been really bad, but I do better taking 2 of the Tylenol 3, because with anything stronger I am hugging the commode within 15 minutes.


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To NEVER take prescribed pain meds on an empty stomach....also I was told you can take one Vicadin and one Tylenol...was just told that today....

Wishing you both pain free days...
Hugs, Nancy

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I have the worst stomach in the world--it is my Achille's heel! I take a mini dose of hydrocodone (1/2 of a 5 mg pill). And I always, always take it after a full meal. I never take it on an empty stomach.

When I have had to take a higher dose, I take a zofran pill about 20 minutes before taking the narcotic. But, again, I always take it on a full stomach.

Also, my pharmacology professor said that, unless you are told otherwise, always take any pill with at minimum a glass of water. Many meds can erode the stomach lining and make your sensitivity issue worse. This is especially important when taking NSAIDS (advil, ibuprofen, motrin, aleve, etc.).

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I am not on any pain meds now..but recently POST Hysterectomy I was on Hydromorphine or something like that..I got totally consitpated and IMPACATED...OMG it was worse then the surgery...so no matter what you take be causious, drink lots of water, eat easy to digest foods..I had 2 ER visits 2 days in a row..


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Just as an FYI, when I was on pain medications, my oncologist told me to take 2 Senocot S in the morning and 2 in the evening.  Walgreens has a generic brand called Senna S which is just as good per my doctor and I never had problems again.  CHECK with your physician first to make sure it is okay for you.

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I just started a thread asking the same thing without seeing yours first.  I'm also seeking out the best possible pain med for my mother without screwing up her liver.  Someone at work told me something just got approved and will be out early next year but I can't seem to find info on it.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  

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