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Chemo Brain

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Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone else is suffering chemo brain after chemo? I am 8 mos out of chemo and still have problems. Family members like to downplay it and say it's just because I'm getting old (I'm only 43). I tried to explain to them the difference between those occasional senior moments (opening the fridge and standing there going why did I go in here) and chemo brain where you get the first letter or so of the word you need, but it's like you can pull the rest out of the file cabinet in your brain. I teach first grade and sometimes it is so frustrating to get "stuck" on a part of a word that you need as your talking!

The frustrating thing is the doctor says there's no way of knowing if this will go away or how long it will take!

Love to all,


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Hi Jacquie,
I am 7 months out from my last CVP-R chemo treatment and still have "chemo brain" moments. I don't feel as scattered in my thoughts, but still have moments where I know what I'm thinking, but don't know how to say it..(does that make sense?) It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's very frustrating. I'm 60 and retired, so my "moments" usually go unknowticed. Keep the faith...maybe we just need more time. Hope your having a good summer, school will be starting before you know it. Much love...Sue

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Yes,It makes sense. I have said the same thing to my sister. She said don't worry about it. She said its time to worry when you are looking in your pocketbook for something and forget what you are looking for. Or say something and have no idea where that came from. She was refering to herself.John

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Hi Jacquie. I am two years out of chemo and I just blame everything on blonde, old, and chemo brain. You're young so don't try the old excuse:) Yes chemo brain is very real for me. I teach fifth grade and I love it when I look for my glasses for 10 minutes and say to the kids "have you seen my glasses?" and they are on my head:)

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JacquieK, see my post response to: POG Group - ALL Surivor - Long term chemo brain

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