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Hello all,
I am new to the CSN.The reason I am here is because the last 4 weeks have been a nightmare for me.My father is 77 y.o.and was diagnosed with NSCLC STAGE 3A in June.He is now on chemo and radiation, his 5th chemo tx is tomorrow.radiation tx 21.He has station 7 + lymph node for squamous cell and also a 12.5 mm rll tumor.He appears to be responding to radiation.He is on taxol/carboplatin.He is starting to get tired.My father has never been sick in his life.never hospitalized.he is very irritable.Is anyone in the same situation that my dad is in.Should this chemo prevent him from getting any new cancers? I am so tired and worried.I am an only child.I am trying my best to care for him. Thank God my mother is still alive.She has always been the sickly one.This is all so new for us, with dad being the sick one.Thank you and Bless all of you out there!

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... if he's getting a 7 or 8 week course. NSCLC 3B here, diagnosed April 2010, treatments ended July 2010 (radiation, Cisplatin+Etoposide), and clean scans since (knock wood and whistle).

The radiation will make him feel like a safe fell on him, if nothing else does, and hit-the-wall time is about 4 weeks, so don't panic. I'm not sure it's really correct to say that chemo prevents new cancers, but if it kills off any tiny bits that could eventually get nasty, then I guess the net effect is partly preventive.

It will take him a good month after the end of all treatments to feel human again, and if the treatments are working well, he will in all probability feel pretty great. Take heart!

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Thank you,Ex Rock n Roller!That makes me feel better!I am glad you are doing well! I hope you have continued health and keep rockin n rollin!!

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Hi... my dad (age 68) was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 3A also just this past Feb. He completed 8 weeks of Carbo/Taxol with concurrent radiation. He is now finishing up an "extra" 3 treatments this summer as an extra aggressive plan. It is rough... no doubt. Dad has had good days and bad days... but rock n roller is right... generally dad looks and feels like he's either carrying around a safe or just got clocked by one. But the treatments appear to be working, and he's getting through it. Your dad will too... just take one day at a time. I'm very sorry you're going through this... i'm sorry for all that have to... it is unbelievably difficult. But... you've found a good site. The people here are very supportive and knowledgable. It has helped me in dealing with all this.
Good thoughts and prayers to you and your dad...

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I was diagnosed with stag 3b lung cancer in March 2011. I was not sick just had a bad cough then coughed up some blood. I had six treatments of Carbo/ taxol along with 37 radiation treatments at the same time. I was very lucky and had no side effects but did feel a bit tired at the end of the radiation treatments. They gave me a three week rest then two more does's of Carbo/Taxol and just finished the last treatment two days ago. I did feel like I had the flu after the 4th day when then gave me the first full dose and not sure what is coming this time around.

Anyway, to answer your question. I feel great and my friends can't believe I have lung cancer. I will get a pet scan in two weeks to see if it all worked.

I hope your Dad is as lucky as I have been and gets by with no side effects.

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Jww 16
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My husband was diagnosed in April with stage 3b.He had 34 radiation and 7 chemo treatments.His treatment ended on June 30th.He's waiting now to get to feeling better for the aggressive chemo.He has pain in his chest most of the time.The chemo Dr.says he's not in remission yet.The tumors did shrink way down.He had one 13cm and 3 small ones.Do you have pain in your chest?My husband is still tired from the treatment and it's been over two months.Did you have this problem? Thank you.

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You are probably still in a state of shock trying to absorb all the information..you have come to the perfect site..I would only add to please take care of yourself as well-the caregivers are the walking sufferers who try to put on a happy face for everyone else, your parents are lucky to have you!

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Hello all. thankyou so much for your caring support and feedback.Today my dad had his 5th tx of taxol 78mg and carboplatin 160mg.Thus far he is tolerating well.His only side effects are taste of food related and some irritability.no nausea or vomitting.no loss of weight.concurrent radiation with treatment #21 today to the mediastinum.he is tired, but napping here and there.Labwork related, only his platelets are at 147.wbc count at 4.9 and hemoglobin at 11.9.Neutraphils abs at 3.1.His numbers are holding.What is concerning to me, is that the oncologist indicated that he wants my dad to have 2 extra treatments after radiation is completed, meaning, either for example 1 treatment for 4 hrs then 4 weeks off and then a last treament for 4 hours, then he would be done, OR 1 treatment each week for 3 weeks off the 3 more treatments over 3 weeks. So it comes down to 2 heavy treaments or 6 lighter treatments.I wonder which would be better.I think my dad is tired of the whole thing....another thing,,,he hasn't lost his hair yet..will he?....I am awful chatty tonite.....sorry..My dad thanked me today for helping him...that made me smile.

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I never lost my hair during chemo. My doctor said it has nothing to do with how effective the treatment is. Good luck to your dad, he is lucky to have such a loving daughter.

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after 4 rounds of chemo, I have not lost my hair either. You mentioned that your dad was having a hard time coping with all of this and, of course this is normal. If his doc has not given an rx for an antidepressant or anxiety tell your dad that there is no shame in taking either. They have helped me quite a bit. It is hard to fight both cancer and depression.

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