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Dad starting treatment tomorrow

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Hi everyone...

I just found this site, because I need some people to talk to and I don't want to burden family or friends..
I'm in my 20s and my dad's starting cancer treatment tomorrow.. his disease has been developing for a couple years now and he hasn't had to start treatment until now.

I'm very new to all this. I don't know how to support him or what to expect. The treatment's for prostate cancer

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Welcome to the board none of us ever wanted to join. I'm glad you found it and please know that you can talk to us anytime you need support. That said, it is ok to "burden" you friends with your concerns. That's what friendship is all about. Other family members may need to talk, too. My husband battled cancer for six years before his death in 2009. I found that friends and family wanted me to talk to them. They wanted to help but didn't know how. Granted you don't want to make every conversation be all about you and your father's illness, but sharing concerns and fears can bring friends and family closer. I actually had people thank my husband and me for being open and taking them on the journey with us. We also had the support of a strong church family. Our talking openly about cancer encouraged others to share their cancer concerns. Hang in there. You may be in for a roller coaster ride now that treatment is required. Take care, Fay

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