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Is there cancer related to lower left abdominal pain?

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Recently one of my friend always got lower left abdominal pain, He is very curious about why such things happen. I think he might need some observation or examine from hospital, but he don't think so.

I'm very concern about his health, and I want to know, whether there is some cancer associated to pain in lower left abdomen?

I need to search some online resource and get my conclusion.

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Your friend,my dear,only needs a doctor(maybe a surgeon)to examine him.Surfing this site can bring on unneccasary anxiety.

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my symptoms started with left abdominal pains that my doctor kept saying was a muscle pull. I finally went to the emergency department and they could not detect anything through blood tests, urine tests, x-rays. They finally did a catscan and found a tumor in my stomach.

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Colon problems can also be associated with abdominal pain. He needs to see a doctor.

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