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18 mile walk

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In my wife's quest to do a walking marathon, we walked 18 miles yesterday.... because of the whole brain radiation, she tired, and the last for miles was brutal for her, but we did it.

We laughed quite a bit... she had a full head of hair growing back after chemo. Well it decided to fall out during the walk. By the time we got home, she had hair everywhere, her hat, back face, sticking to everywhere there was sweat. I think she even scared a few people... we had a lot of fun.
The actual marathon is sept. 18 in. Boston. The jimmy fund walk is to raise money for cancer treatment in children.

Also my 70 year old father is walking with us. His wife, my mother died 1 year ago lasr week. He walked 20 at one time as part of his preparation.

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Awesome, man! Including dad's participation in the next gig.

Keep it up and keep us posted!

Take care,


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Glenna M
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Your wife is incredible and an inspiration to me!!! I was all excited that I had finally hit the 3 mile mark, walking a mile and a half twice a day. In my own defense I must admit that my walks are all straight up hill because I live at the bottom of a mountain - LOL

Keep up the good work!!

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Do u know how many people don't or cannot walk 3 miles a day? 3 miles is a good number.... we ourselves have never done this type of walking befor, but by coincedence a few days before she was diagnosed she decided it was time to fill her lifelong goal of a marathon.

Your hills are extra tough... my wife hs trouble doing hills. We stick with level ground.

So way to go glenna... ;)

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You and your wife constantly amaze me. I have nothing but admiration for you. Your wife shows remarkable determination and your support and pride in her make me smile each time I read your posts. Diane

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Heck... even if I did not like her, id still have to respect her determination and positive attitude....

She just got a biopsy this morning and is waiting to go. Get radiation..... then she said she was going to go shopping to get all our items for our family vaca on Wednesday.... I had to pu5 my foot sown and tell her she is taki g the afternoon off. Besides... im too tired to keep up with her!

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is infectious! I had to laugh about the inopportune time for your wife's hair to fall out. I can only imagine hair everywhere freaking people out! Congratulations on the 18 mile Jimmy Walk, that is great. What an inspiration your wife is! And your father! Keep on keeping on and God bless! Cheryl

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Thanks... the Jimmy Fund is in September and will be 26.2 miles... Saturday was just a practice day.

I agree laughter is so incredibly important as it helps take away worry.... I found a good quote taht I like regarding worry and this process...

"Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles --- It takes away's today's peace!"

ann m
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You and your wife are amazing and an inspiration to us all!!

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