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Does anyone have a good remedy for mouth sores during chemo?

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I am getting ready for my second cycle of chemo and one of the biggest annoyances for me were those pesky mouth sores. I drank almost a gallon of water during the entire first infusion. I drank plenty more over the next weeks. That didn't work. I tried lemon drops and they tasted so nasty, I threw the whole bag out. I've got the Biotene mouthwash and toothpaste and it is indeed soothing, but those mouth sores still hung on. They are barely cleared up and now I'm starting all over, and I dread they'll get any worse. Any advise or remedy would indeed be helpful to me.

Hugs to all,

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Wish I could help, Debbie, but Biotene and oceans of water helped me. I'm sure someone will have some additional suggestions.


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I was prescribed NYSTATIN.....kept in the frig, you swish it around in your mouth and spit it out....I used it from the very beginning, 4x a day...I never had the first mouth sore...it has a minor numbing effect...it seemed to help also when I lost my taste buds after each infusion, I would use it before I ate something.....also many use a baking soda/salt rinse 4x a day.....Personally the NYSTATIN worked wonders for me....you might get your physician to prescribe it.....no need to suffer when you don't have to!

I hope things go easier for you this time...
Hugs, Nancy

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Megan M
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No chemo for me, so, no mouth sores. Just wanted to say that I am praying for you.

Hugs, Megan

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Yes, and it worked for me for the entire chemo treatments. You chew on ice the entire time you're getting the infusion. Yes, you take ice chips and chew on them, non- stop. Then after infusion is done, you stop.

Also, be sure to continue to use Biotene products after each meal and before bed time.

There is also something that doctors can prescribe, if the above suggestions don't work. It's called: Maalox/Lidocaine/Diphenhydramine.

I hope this helps.

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Ice chips, Jamba Juice, fudgesicles. Anything frozen is suppose to help. The only problem is some people develop an aversion to anything related to chemo so try not to use your favorite frozen drink. (margaritas are probably not a good idea either)
I got a 32 oz jamba juice and it lasted the entire infusion. I still like them too.


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Hi Debbie :) i used Biotene before I even got any mouth sores & it worked great for me through my 4 rounds of andriamycin/cytoxan. But the taxotere was a whole different story. I had to get a prescription, and it's called "Mary's Magic Mouthwash", you have to keep it refrigerated, but it cleared those suckers right up & prevented any more from coming back. Ask your onc nurse about it :) good luck my friend.

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My Onc's assistant recommended plain old baking soda and a dash or 2 or salt. It works wonders to keep the mouth sores away. Give it a try... It's inexpenise and it WORKS!!!

Mitzi ;0)

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I'm with Mitzi, the salt water rinses kept mouth sores away for me...

Good Luck Deb,

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helped me a lot. My onc also siad cold drinks or ice chips or frozen dessert (I used fruit chillers) as soon as I got home. Never mentioned stopping with infusion. Also baking soda rinse. I had no sores but I'm not sure if that's because I was so pro-active or just lucky.

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I eat cherry popsicles!

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Before I started chemo the oncologist's office gave me a series of instructions, one was how to mix a mouth rinse, consisting of water, baking soda and salt. Husband mixed it in a plastic jug, he can't quite remember the formula, but he thinks he put 1 tsp of salt and one tsp of baking powder into warm water. I rinsed my mouth several times a day, mouth felt very sore but I did not develop any actual sores. Wonder if ACS's website has the formula? It's harmless and it might help you.
Hugs, Marlene

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Debbie, here is a good link about chemo and mouth sores from chemocare:

Mouth Sores due to Chemotherapy


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My oncologist prescribed nystatin right away when I had my first chemo and it worked great. I just used it when I started to get sores and it made them go away.

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Hi Debbie

Chiming in with pretty much the same, but my naturapathic oncologist said the reason ice chips, popsicles, etc work, is that your mouth is an area that chemo runs too, and by shrinking the vessels with cold water it doesn't penetrate them as easily. Also I just read in one of my books, that Vit E oil directly on the mouth sores help. And also, heard the baking soda and salt helps. I really had a hard time with them by first chemo a few years ago and didn't know any of this :(. This time thought, the cocktail I'm on doesn't cause them....one big WOOHOO to that!!

Good luck, I know they are just the worse.

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Jean 0609
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I got a prescription for Magic Mouthwash from my dentist. It was especially good for my dry mouth.

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