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Recent robotic prostatectomy - very successful!

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Just found and joined the network today to share my success story for those out there facing surgery and the unknown. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 5 months back and am 49 years old. Although the cancer was only found in one of my biopsy samples, I elected for removal given my age. My Gleason score was 3+3. With all the horror stories out there I was obviously apprehensive leading to surgery. I am thrilled to report that I'm only 17 days post surgery and am complete dry and wearing no pads at all. As a matter of fact, I was dry the day after my catheter was extracted on the 10th day. I share this for those dreading the issues of being incontinent and possibly wearing pads after surgery even if for a short time to say that there are successes. Whether or not it played a role in my success, I religiously performed kegel exercises for about two months leading to surgery as suggested by my surgeon. I continue to perform the exercise to further strengthen my muscles and do not have have stress incontinence issues. Hopefully, this can provide some encouragement to others facing surgery.

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Dear six:

What a great story. You should be congratulated for doing your kegals and staying with it. Younger guys like you tend to bounce back from surgery more quickly.

Please keep us informed about your longer-term contenience, potency and satisfaction.

Who was your surgeon?

Thank you for sharing, and best wishes.


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Thanks for the report. I look forward for your news regarding the eradication of the cancer too.
Could you share some info on your case (PSA, Gs, Pathologist report, etc) and on any other experienced side effects such as ED ?

Hope for your full recovery from surgery.
Welcome to the board.


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As I said in my initial post, I'm less than three weeks post surgery. My initial PSA @ 46 years old was 1.1 with the final @ only 2.1 @ age 49. It took three biopsies before the cancer was found. I elected to go outside my local area for the surgery since my Urologist did not perform the robotic procedure. I had a recommendation to go to the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville and use no one other than Dr. Joseph Smith. It was the best medical decision I've ever made without question. My path report showed clean margins and his words were that I have a superior chance of being cancer free. My follow up PSA is scheduled for August 26th. Just starting 1/2 doses of Levitra for rehab. and will update with results.

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Best recoveries on those lovely nights.


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I was 47 when diagnosed in 11/2009. Surgery in 1/2010. I was 1.7 at 45, 2.2 at 46, 2.9 at 47, doctor did not like upward trending. Thank goodness he sent me to specialist. I wish you all the best on your journey. I just passed my 18 month PSA test. If you have any questions on recovery, shoot me a note ghostrdr2112@yahoo.com

Take care and best of luck to you.

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I am going to consult with Dr. Smith in a couple of weeks. His name came up in several discussions. Had been considering RP but am looking into robotic now.

How many of the robotic procedures has he performed?

What are his stats as far as incontinence and ED post surgery?

Thanks in advance.


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Dr Smith is a great open surgeon and also with the Davinci Robot. He performed my surgery two years ago (Davinci). At that point he was in the 1,000's of robotic procedures performed. His staff could give you the stats. Just remember each patient is different. I was very, very pleased with my results. Used 1 pad the day the cath came out. ED I've had excellent results using Levitra.


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