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how to help others

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I have a friend who comes on and chats once and a while. this last few weeks have been so hard on her and her family . Her A/C/ went out , she had people come to work onit but , what ever they did DID not work.
She lives in Greer South Carolina , right now it is 85 in her house. Her hubby has Brain cancer . I am wondering how we can get her help to get her air fixed? Her hubby does not understand why it is not working.
Does anyone know of someone or way to get her help to fix this. Money is tight for them. Any ideals?
I am trying hard to pay it forward for all the kindness showed to me.


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Our AC went down mid-July (2 years ago) and they couldn't fix it for weeks. I first talked to the company doing the fixing - turns out they have spare window units for such emergencies - they came and installed them, even though I offered to pick them up and do it myself. If they had not had those to offer, I was going to talk to temporary suppliers, such as http://airsysrent.com/ or http://www.etopp.com/portable-air-conditioners.html (you'll have to cut and paste - I haven't bother to learn how to do links here). One of those solutions should help get the place more comfortable. (If you are able to travel there yourself and help install a window unit or two, so much the better, assuming you can't get the AC company to do it.)

Getting the problem fixed, however, might be complicated. Did the folks who did the work give a guarantee? Our guys had to come back several times - it turned out that the compressor they installed was the wrong size for the house and getting overwhelmed. Then they put the right size in, but the ducts were wrong. The initial compressor replacement was expensive, as it was old and no longer covered by our contract, but the rest of the work was covered under the guarantee.

I'd consider talking to the owner of the company - that helped in our case; most folks want to keep a good reputation, and leaving a unit not working is not good advertising, particularly when there's sick folks involved.

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there is a website that helps out when it is needed...


If you or they right the situation, im sure they will be willing to help. People contribute to others in there time of need. My sister in law used this when they were both out of work and my nephew had needs. They really helped out. Im not sure how much they can help but anything is better than nothing. I hope this works out:)


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Thanks for the response. I don't ask for myself. I just want to help others. I know it is a hard road we go down. So we can at least try to help others.
Thank you will share this with her.

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