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Bent penis

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After surgery and radiation in 2009 I feel great with the cancer apparently at bay, however my sex life has been diminished with less then good erections & reduced size & the bent penis...mine appears "pinched in the middle. I have heard it affects many prostate victims. They sell "traction tools for a fix but I am dubious. Anyone care to comment?

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Sounds like a case of peyronie's disease. You should talk to your urologist.


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I have been diagnosed with peyronie's disease. Do you feel a hard spot at the base of your penis? My urologist has me taking Vit.E and using a penis pump to stretch the scar tissue out. It can go away on its own or it can get worse! Made it through the surgery... Can get an erection... but it is bent - go figure!

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We RP and RT survivors all got ED problems and learn to live with it. In some aspects of ED many of us experience stronger symptoms than others.
Mattmans5 above got a good link I would recommend any of us and you to listen. Penile curvature (as it is named by the physicians) is well discussed.


Take care.

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Got the pump right after surgery....never used it much, but going to as "therapy"
Life is still very good!

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