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staples out Thursday ER on Friday for Incision open

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So I had my staples removed Thursday (8 days after partial nephrectomy), a whoping 17, the longest incision was about 1.5 inches. Removing the staples was painless, and quick, possibly 30 seconds. They put these thin short steri strips on and said they will probably fall off the next, daym which they did. I asked do I put anything on the areas id the steri strips fall off, they indicated no.

The day after the staples were removed, the largest incision came open, and I had to go to ER to get re-steri stripped. They said there was no sign off infecion, and that I need to make an appointment with my Urologist to take a look (the Urologist did not look when I go staples out).

When they did the steri strips in the ER, they used some glue to help the steri stick, where at the Urologist office they did not. Not sure if they should have used glue, or left the longer incision staples in longer?

Any advice on this, I am paranoid to move at all now thinking of it.


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Yes, the steri strips should have been very sticky -- either they come that way, or they also use some sticky stuff to help them stick. It usually takes a week to 10 days for them to fall off on their own.

I think staples usually come out at about day 10. If left too much longer, they start to grow in, and then they're harder to remove. Yours came out a trifle early, but I suspect the real issue was the faulty steri-strip application.

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I had 64 staples, if I can count correctly. But they also took part of the liver, and other assorted parts & pieces. It felt great to get them out and the steri stips should hold everything Ok.
On my third surgery, a couple of steri strips lifted a little early and I had an area that oozed in the middle of the incision. Had the Doc look at it and he wasn't concerned. Just told me to keep it clean and dry and it would heal over. It took a few weeks longer, which made me put off going back to the swimming pool.
Keep on getting better. You will survive.

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