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Struggling with the pain after nephrectomy

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Hi guys

I was wondering if you can steer me in the right direction.

I had a radical, open nephrectomy on June 20 this year, and the tumor was a Grade 2 RCC.

So, im about 5 weeks out.

I cant take the pain.

I still take Oxycotin at night and just paracetomol during the day.

I have the most horrible pains in my back and the pain around/ in/ under the wound/ scar is so sore... sometimes its really sharp.

I know its going to be sore for a while. But sometimes it hurts so much its hard to walk.

I sneezed twice and even though I brace for it i feel it rip right through me.

Everyone wants/ expects me back at work, telling me I "look fantastic" but i tell you I dont feel it.

Is this normal? When does the pain go away?


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I would say that the pain is normal, but your pain management is insufficient. If I were in your shoes -- and I was! -- I'd contact your consultant about needing more pain meds.

Everyone is different, so it's hard to say, but the traditional recovery time for open abdominal surgery is 6-12 weeks. Mine stopped hurting enough to stop my pain meds at 6 weeks, but that was a hard 6 weeks.

If you are on the extended release oxycontin tabs, I think they have a 12-hr effectiveness. Moreover, dr's are supposed to try you on the lowest dose possible, then increase it if it's needed. So, I'd contact your dr and let him or her know how much pain you are still having. Remember, no extra points for stoicism!

(If your dr changes you over to oxycodone, remember not to take the paracetomol.)

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While pain is normal 5 weeks out I would be a little concerned about the need for pain medication 5 weeks out. Take this up with your doctor.

Best wishes,


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everyone is different and I don't really remember if my pain was that bad at 5 weeks but what matters is that your in pain. I do know it was quite awhile before I felt as good as I looked. Being in pain slows down the recovery process so call the dr.

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